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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The average credit card debt in America is $9333

Average credit card debt in America. Are we surprised?

If your household net worth is negative or zero, you tend to dip more into cards, which is why $10K makes sense to me, anyway.

For the $100K folks and over… are they CARRYING this debt month to month? It just seems crazy. I carry about $5K a month on my cards, but I always clear them, perhaps that is it.

In the post you can also see that the middle of the U.S. near the Great Lakes, it tends to be a little more frugal / better with money than on the fringes:

This button-down shirt from the brand Cloth & Stone is phenom. It is thick, comfortable, perfect to roll up the sleeves, and to tie up the front or to tuck in.

I don’t even know why we don’t have this everywhere – in Finland you can start 3 hours earlier or later and then end 3 hours earlier or later. Flexible working hours are perfect for me. I like to get in VERY early, miss all the traffic, and leave early to also miss the traffic. I am not into starting late because then I get home so late (6 p.m. – 7 p.m.) that I feel like my day is over.

If you are looking for a very sleek, stylish leopard coat that isn’t hideous or cheap, this is definitely your pick – the Emerson Fry Leopard Wingtip Coat.

The cautionary tale of the passive investing bubble… are we all just investing in a bubble with index funds?

I am in love with the idea of a bodysuit because you don’t need to tuck and untuck. I tried J. Crew, but I have been hearing that Wolford is the best…. It won’t ride up, and it will be comfortable, and looks sleek with things like wideleg pants.


  • Sarah

    The index bubble article is interesting… though I can’t decide if the likely scenario is that people will lose an extra few % in a downturn (even if 100 of those companies go to zero, if they each make up 0.01-0.03%, it’s an additional 1-3% loss). Am I oversimplifying?

    Otherwise, it also sounds a little bit like, “If the stock market crashes, the stock market much crash!”

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      The conclusion I have come to, is that he may be correct, but the likelihood of this happening where everyone will panic and take out money is kind of unlikely when you talk about index funds. Most people leave it in there and draw on it slowly. It isn’t a single stock where you panic and sell everything.

  • Lynne

    Re: Credit Card Debt in America: it is unclear to me from reading this article if all of these people were letting balances roll over month to month, or if some of them were paying them off in full (as opposed to minimum payments). I live in California – which is 4th highest on the list – and I pay everything (groceries, insurance, utilities, etc.) by credit card since it earns rewards, but just pay it in full every month to avoid interest charges. Even with that, my numbers would be included in this list, because on any given day, my card would show some kind of balance.

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