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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: On why owning fewer clothes makes you a better dresser

Why owning fewer clothes gives you better clothing sense. I was seriously triggered reading this because I am admittedly a huge fashionphile. I love clothes, style, variety, shopping… and I have various personas of myself in my head. Somedays, I wake up and I want to be in black ripped jeans, moto boots and a biker jacket, and the next day, I’ll be in a fitted, draped dress with heels and a statement necklace. For me to not have that variety in my closet, makes me very very sad.

Then to hear that having FEWER clothes makes you a BETTER dresser? OMG. Triggered. I think if we can agree that I have 10 personas at any given time, and I want a full wardrobe to manage all 10 of these personas, then I agree. 😉 I like feeling pretty, and I think shopping mostly secondhand is THE MOST sustainable thing you can do if you love style like I do. Adina articulated our mutual angst in her own post – In the defence of the not so subtle.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-clean, cute stainless steel water bottle, this is my favourite from Zojirushi. Comes in cute colours, is very well made, and you can separate out all the different compartments.

Clever real-life orgnizational hacks – If you have been watching HGTV and reading Real Simple for over a decade now (*raises hand* ME!!!), these are not new “tricks” for you to learn, but if you aren’t really into home design or decor, you may find something new to learn.

I have been loathe to wear gloves all winter for one main reason – I have to keep taking them off to use my phone, which I use CONSTANTLY. Enter, a cheap hack: Buy some conductive sewing yarn, and sew small stitches into the forefinger on your dominant glove behind the leather, and your old gloves will work with all electronics.

Ever since I dropped down to 20 hours a week (OMG DREAM CONTRACT), I have found myself way more relaxed. I have more time to do all the other small, nagging errands that are small but necessary, and yet take time to do such as going to the bank, cancelling a credit card, booking appointments with the doctor, etc. So I am ON BOARD with everyone taking at least a day a month, to just get your administrative stuff done.

I need a new shower curtain (they get gross no matter what you do to wash or clean them regularly), and I was thinking of this fun cactus printed one. Might as well smile each time you go into your bathroom1

Are ambitious women really hiding behind being Hot Messes? I am ambitious. I know what I want, and I don’t think I’m a Hot Mess. I have my life together, my finances are on fleek, my style/wardrobe is at a comfortable point where now I truly don’t need anything but enjoy experimenting/collecting, my family life is going great, and my career is everything I could have wanted.

I don’t think that having to pretend you are always in chaos, late, disorganized and inefficient is endearing. I find it a little annoying that you don’t see how disorganized you are and fix it, frankly. I cannot handle people who are “Hot Messes”. “GET IT TOGETHER”, I scream silently. What I will admit to, is that I don’t sugarcoat things – I tell it like it is, and I am unable to lie and tell you everything is perfect 24/7 — it isn’t — but I will tell you things are pretty great. Should I have to apologize for this? I hope not.

These by the way, are fantastic ponte pants from Ann Taylor. are THE MOST AMAZING PANTS that feel like leggings. Thick ponte, they hug nicely, they look great… THUMBS UP. They’re a little more expensive than normal but they are worth it. If you’re interested in an actual legging, they have one too, that is half the price and just as good.

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