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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: On Generation Z and the Fast Fashion Paradox

Loved the article on Generation Z and the Fast Fashion Paradox. Generation Z is anyone born past 1996, and they are born into the wake of environmental turmoil, being then.. the most “woke” generation to eco-friendly lifestyles and sustainability. The problem, is not having money to buy these expensive but ethically made, eco-friendly products:

“The cost of living has rocketed so much over recent years and everything feels so uncertain; it’s hardly surprising that today’s teens and twentysomethings are buying cheap clothes as small pick-me-ups,” she says. “When expensive holidays, home ownership and other experiences are off the table, what do you do? You buy a $20 dress.” 

That’s what they’re struggling with now. I actually have the answer and it is to buy secondhand or thrift. I wish I had known this at their age, and didn’t buy anything at retail when I was younger. The article is a great read.

I know you’re all thinking — gorgeous, stunning suede Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots? This is insane, they would get dirty SO EASILY…. yeah, but they look chic, and stylish, and I wear mine almost daily when the ground is dry. They go with skirts and dresses in the winter (it is my trick to avoid wearing tights completely), and look great over pants too. WIN WIN.

The Dividend Growth Investor on why we should be buying stocks or mutual funds for the long term. Up, down, around… honestly, if you are buying stocks, buy and hold them in your brain for 10+ years. If you can’t see yourself holding it for 10+ years, don’t buy it. Don’t buy sexy stocks. It’s simple advice but very profound…. and here are his 31 Dividend Stocks for review.

This romantic puff sleeve blouse by Ann Taylor is everything I am hoping for in a blouse. I have been leaning towards more feminine details as of late, and the puff sleeve, the mandarin collar… all subtle yet feminine touches that scream: I am not an ordinary white blouse.

Do you call yourself ambitious at work, as a woman? I do and I’ve always been ambitious, but my ambitions have laid in the path of making lots of money and working as little as possible. If your ambition is to climb the ladder and be in a corner office, then you need to SAY SO or it is hurting your career. Use these words: Ambitious, Aggressive, Assertive, Badass, Strong, Confident, Smart, Brilliant. Stop trying to downplay what you are. The more you say it, the more you believe it, and the more it comes true (this has worked for me).

I have always wanted a classic Chanel tweed jacket, but alas.. I am refusing to pay the price, even secondhand, so this Banana Republic tweed collarless blazer will have to substitute as a look-a-like.

This is really want is holding women back in the office — unreasonable working hours to “make it to the top”, men not being encouraged or mandated to take paternity leave to make this motherhood bias disappear, and EVERYONE accepting that women’s roles are in the home and not outside.

Even I struggle with this, my partner mentioned to me that I should stay at home and work remotely 100% so that we save on Little Bun’s daycare and avoid this virus going around. I sideeyed him because why didn’t HE give up his schooling to do this if he was so concerned? Why does the mother be defaulted as the provider and the one who has to sacrifice for the family?

Why do we have “working mother” but not “working father” as a term? Food for thought.

I love my futon so much and being on the floor so often that I am thinking of these floor cushions for the living room. I like to sit up on something, even a small cushion, and this would be great to lie down on and read a book on.

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