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Do you have a dress code or uniform?


I am not on any teams, in any schools, or in a cult of any kind.

Unless wearing comfortable yoga sweat wear when I go to do yoga counts?


When I was younger, I had to wear a uniform for work. It was a hideous fast food uniform complete with a hat.

I’d REEK of food coming home, and it was the worst thing to wear, polyester in high heat.

Ugh. I felt completely unattractive in it, and on my breaks, I was very conscious about stinking of food as I ate lunch in public from behind the counter, or went to stores to look at things.

I felt greasy, sweaty and yucky.


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  • Rosi

    I have: button downs shirts egypt cotton, every color, and dark straigh leg jeans, or black egypt cotton. I number my shirts. Every time I need one I pick it by number. Because of this I have used everyone without bencharmers. sorry my english.

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