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Sunday Shopping: Remove fuzz and lint from your clothing safely and easily

I really hate it when I put on a sweater, and I see FUZZ and PILLS everywhere.

Little Bun dislikes it too because he is forever picking them off my sweaters, creating what he calls “new fuzzy friends” on the floor, which he balls together to make a big ‘fuzzy’ friend and proceeds to name it, and then ask me to vacuum it up and away.

Why you should never pick the pills off but shave them instead

If you pick off the pills, you are PULLING the fibres off which means you are creating yet another environment for more fuzzy pilling to occur. If you just cut it off straight with a fabric shaver or defuzzer, you are not creating another environment for long fibres to pull and pill some more.

This is why although satisfying, pulling pills off your sweater will not help the situation.

So how do you shave them off?

Enter, the amazing RECHARGEABLE Conair Fabric Defuzzer

I own this exact product, and use it constantly on my sweaters to keep them looking fresh and new.

It is strangely therapeutic and I do it while watching TV shows.

It is simple to use – one on/off switch as you can see…

It does exactly as it promises. Looks how nice my sweater looks now!

Remove the fabric guard

Remove that little plastic fabric guard thing around the outside of it (that round plastic ring) because I find it doesn’t really get close enough to the fabric to truly remove / shave off the pills.

It is actually useless and meant to spare your thick fuzzy knits so that the blades don’t cut them, but if you are careful, you won’t need it at all, if ever. It makes it less effective, but I guess it has to be there for … marketing…. reasons…

Empty it every 30 seconds or so

Depending on how fuzzy your items are and once you see it start slowing down or not defuzzing as quickly, you can remove the little plastic collection bucket (?), AND also unscrew the metal front, AND remove the inside metal blades, and really remove all the fuzz to get it working like a charm again.

Buy the rechargeable version

They have two versions – with a battery and without.

The rechargeable one seems more logical than the battery-powered one (but doesn’t have cute colours.. WHO CARES) because this is not really a device you’re going to carry around with you to use while walking around the house.

If it is wired / rechargeable, you’re going to be stuck on the floor or at the table, slowly defuzzing your clothes anyway. Why waste batteries? Choose the eco-friendly option – and get the Conair rechargeable fabric shaver.

Works great on thin knits too

I have both thick and thin knits (like cashmere) and it works great on both. Thumbs up. Haven’t chewed a single sweater yet, and I just did 10 of them the other day.

Want to do this but not pay for a shaver?

Use a brand new, super sharp razor for the legs and slide it VERY GENTLY over the sweater on a FLAT surface.

Use with caution.. this stuff obviously, as it is bladed (up to 6 blades now I hear), can rip right through your delicate knits.

I have done this before on thick fuzzy wool socks out of curiousity and it works great, but I also wasn’t going to sob if it created a hole, unlike with my very nice knits…

As I am trying to be zero-waste / plastic-free, I would highly recommend a SAFETY RAZOR like this one…. rather than buying disposable plastic razors, no matter how convenient.


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