Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: A Genius “Scraps” Cookbook by Ikea

1. Scrappy

I LOVE that Ikea created a cookbook to use up the food scraps you have. I really want to try some of these. I have already done the Plant Cake, that one is super easy to use up leftover vegetable scraps. Also, I know that Ikea has its own Ikea Lab that cooks and creates different, sustainable ways to help the environment including plant-based recipes, so they have definitely tried and tested all of these dishes and approved them for this book.

2. Defuzzed

This is THE BEST defuzzer / sweater shaver. I love it because it’s rechargeable, and works like a dream.


Speaking of food, these are 18 fast food items former employees advise to avoid eating.

4. Spymaster

I got these affordable binoculars for Little Bun so we can sit on the balcony and look out for birds, animals, people-watch.. whatever. It will be a great pandemic activity for us during the summer.

5. 50%

Half of Canadians are $200 away from financial disaster. O_o .. Between the shock of the pandemic, the loss of jobs everywhere (hitting employed women particularly hard), and that people weren’t great with money to begin with.. this is not surprising.

6. Statement Beauty

This ring.. THIS RING! I love the cage, the blue stone… it’s stunning. It’s a shield ring, and feels/looks like very elegant armour. Perfect for working and gritting your teeth when you have to sit through endless meetings. LOL.

7. Hawkeye

I love that Tony Hawk (legendary skateboarder) is so down to earth and relaxed. Here’s a compilation of some wonderful things he has said in various situations….

8. Jumpin’ for Joy

Why do I love jumpsuits like this one so much? They make it so difficult to go to the bathroom but it’s like a complete, comfortable outfit in one.

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