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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Wealth Inequality in America, Curbing Eco-Friendly, and Virtual Reality


This video has been very interesting – Wealth Inequality in America – and the graphics shown in there of how unequal it is, is truly shocking.


I bought my Aquarius Waterpik a few months ago, and I am still using it (still going strong!) I have noticed it works best when you want to get gunk out of your teeth, but it won’t necessarily scrub the plaque that has built up like sticky gum on your teeth – so I still floss afterwards, but at least, the bits of food are out. I fill it with warm water (I hate the feeling of cold water on my teeth), and it lasts for a pretty good cleaning on my upper and lower teeth, front, and back. I have sprayed myself in the back of the throat and in the face a couple of times, but after a while, I got used to the intensity and upped it to 10, which is what I use these days.


Honestly, curbing our carbon footprint is definitely a thing we can do as individuals, along with all the choices we have made in our lives to help the environment. It’s such a great documentary to watch (and Ryan Reynolds is narrating!)


This brand Aureus + Argent NEVER goes on sale at Banana Republic but their beautiful moonstone earrings are on sale! I love the triple moonstone in a dangly bit.


LOL. This made me laugh – Reasons why German is the worst. I found a lot of them quite funny, but also enlightening. My favourite word coming out of this was handschuhe for ‘gloves’, as in the translation of: “shoes for the hands”.


Okay, I am really looking into VR headsets now. I am low-key obsessed with seeing whether or not this could be something interesting and truly feeling like I am there, or if it’s just a hype thing. I wish I could try it on before buying anything. I am told to wait for the Apple version to come out because apparently Facebook ruined it, but we shall see what happens. This is truly exciting if I could “travel” to other places I’d never want to go to in-person (for various reasons), and feel like I am there. These are the rumours of what the Apple headset would look like.


Isn’t this.. the cutest website ever? It is a young entrepreneur trying to earn enough money to “one day own a Tesla”. I support such entrepreneurial spirit and hope one day, Little Bun could be the same.


I adore. ADORE this poster mixing up Venus in the Half-Shell with pop culture. I will obviously buy a copy for the future, but will need to know my space before I do so.

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