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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: CEO in search of a Nanny/Cook/Household Manager

1. Backlash

There was a ton of backlash against this very honest single CEO with twins, asking for a nanny/cook/household manager, with VERY DETAILED specifications of being able to bodysurf, cook well and manage food allergies.

Listen, if you’re paying top dollar for someone, you better get someone who fits into your organization (home). I don’t see what the big deal is. This person will become part of your family, don’t you want the best person possible who can fit in?

I wonder if it is partly related to the fact that the CEO is … a woman, and therefore has the world & society is pressuring her to be THAT person instead of hiring someone (‘a wife’ basically) for that job. If a man posted it, would he come under fire as much? I wonder. Thoughts?

2. Enamoured

This Canadian-based company Ofuure (Ontarian!) is making the most beautiful African-printed dresses I have ever seen. I want their entire collection. I will settle for just one though, if I get a contract. The prints are bright, bold and refreshing.

3. Worry

This is how you handle worrying about your money during a pandemic. Full of solid advice. I’ve done all of it.

4. Double-Duty

Use these adorable penguin dryer balls as toys for children… AND to help your dryer.. well, dry faster. I have used these wool drying balls for over a decade now (SAME SET), and they work great to help cut down on drying time, without dryer sheets (reusable) and no stench (I hate the smell of dryer sheets and the animal fat that coats your clothing)….

5. Deplaned

This paper airplane, has generated hours and hours of fun for Little Bun. It is THE best one that works well, floats, and really goes around the room!

6. Desperate

Desperate times call for desperate measures. As my skincare products dwindle down, I am switching over to cheaper versions of what I love for my skin particularly niacinamide which I really feel makes a huge difference.

7. Bitten

This case study on the beauty brand KOSAS was pretty thorough and eye-opening about how beauty brands like theirs, market “inclusivity” of all women of different skintones and colours, when in fact it is all mirrors and smoke.

8. Utilitarian

I am warming back up to the idea of a utility jacket like this one from Banana Republic. It looks like a great alternative to leather jackets and bombers, while being chic and very magazine editor-ish…


  • Angelique Robinson

    Hi, love this roundup of interesting news. Totally agree, the CEO is being criticized because she’s a woman. Men never get backlash for demanding what they want. I’ve been fortunate to remain employed with good salary during this time, however it didn’t stop me from first worrying about money and then taking action to make sure I had a solid plan in place. The article about Kosas reminds me of the Target effect I learned in undergrad. Just the idea that marketers are PAID to make consumers spend money. From lighting, to packaging to subtle wording used humans are EASILY influenced especially to purchase things of perceived value or exclusivity. If you never learn this bait and switch technique you will forever chase the next greatest thing.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      1. Agreed with the CEO. She’s a woman so she’s extra scrutinized. A man would have just been told “Oh you’re so specific! You really know what you want and are willing to pay/god for it.”… *eye roll*

      2. Everything in stores has been set up to make you buy and spend as much as possible. We need to teach this to our children too, on how to see these markers of spending.

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