Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How much you need to buy a house in every city

This is how much you need to earn to buy a house in every city. Fascinating, really.

These 4-tiered hangers are my new obsession. My closet rail is much cleaner now and I can see more of my clothes in proper rows rather than jammed together. I am so in love. I ordered 8 more just now.

If you are working, you can expect your career to peak at the age of 50.

Apparently no one finds you relevant after that age, which is what is perhaps sparking the fear in many of an early retiree, keen to get on the FIRE bandwagon? (FIRE = Financial Independence Retire Early)…

I gave in and finally bought my perfect blazer – the J. Crew Parke. I love the look of it, tuxedo-style, great long slim lapels…. worth the price. Nobody makes blazers better than J. Crew. I have tried them all.. The only other one I like is classic Smythe Duchess Blazer but they are $$$$$ 

I wear red lipstick often, without lipliner and without any sort of extra work… but I DO GET SMUDGES from time to time which drive me mad. I have been trying to fix these smudges incorrectly the whole time. The trick is to push the smudge INWARD towards your lips, not to smear it more across your lip line.. *face palm*

Speaking of red lipstick, my favourite is Nars Starwoman. PERFECT matte, red.. I get stopped and asked about it all the time. Stila’s Beso is also pretty hot, AOC wears it all the time.

Meghan Markle of Sussex, spent a #%(#* load of money on fashion. Way more than any other royal in Europe, just check out the chart in the article. I think this is perfectly fine, because she brings in so much money for tourism and for any designer/product she touches, it is like minting money.

But my partner was outraged, and couldn’t believe she spent 2 million on clothing last year (he was watching a news report from France and then this prompted me to find the article).

He says without a budget, there should be rules that are understood – meaning, don’t spend TWO MILLION on clothing when everyone else is at like two hundred thousand. I’m more blasé about it because she got married (Givenchy wedding gown!?), she had a baby (hello, cute maternity wear is not easy to come by), and then had to basically build her royal wardrobe from scratch.

I’m cool with what she spent, as long as she re-wears a lot of her wardrobe the way Kate Middleton does (love that). Queen Letizia of Spain however, is super freakin’ fashionable and stylish, but spends so little on her wardrobe budget. I feel like that would be more my vibe. Thoughts?

Look, I even wore outfits inspired by her!

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