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Organizing your closet: Save closet rail clutter

I have limited closet space even though my closet is a “walk-in”, it is such an awkward shape versus what it should have been (previous owners modified it to make the second bedroom bigger), that I cannot have that many hangers because it gets super cluttered.

See what I mean? The rail is completely cluttered, the hanger clips catch on each other because there isn’t enough space in between, and I am not about to get rid of anything – I have tried to Marie Kondo this ish, but I love all of them.

I also keep my winter skirts with my summer ones, I don’t have the luxury of a second closet or archival area to keep seasonal items. *sigh* Maybe in another life.

So, what to do? Enter these 4-clip tiered hangers.

I hang skirts on them, and actually, have started hanging by fabric then by colour.

So all wool skirts together, all jersey knits together… that way I can move the winter stuff out to the edges and keep the stuff I actually wear for the season (like linen) in an easy to reach area.

You can see immediately how this makes a difference. TWO hangers with 4 bottoms rather than 8 hangers, makes for a lot more space and leeway to move hangers around.


I bought 4 to give them a try, and now I am ordering 10 more because it is saving the hanging space on the rail, and it isn’t cluttering up my view AND I don’t have 40 hangers jammed onto one rail, fighting for space with the clips for the bottoms, I now only have 10 hangers where I can easily flip through and see what I have hanging on them.

As for jeans, they are folded flat into a little shelving area, with their back tag and knees showing if possible (so I can see if they’re ripped or not).

I managed to get rid of all of this:

And now my skirt section, looks like this, which is much easier for me to flip through — each hanger holds 4 bottoms, categorized not by colour but by fabric and then colour. I did it by fabric because I tend to wear wool in winter only, and linen in summer.. so it makes more sense than just by colour.

All the jersey skirts are on one hanger for instance, and I can see them easily by flipping through them, and none of the clips get caught on each other as I am going through the skirts.

How do you hang your items?


  • June

    I’m curious to know what constitutes “too many clothes”? I’m not trying to be a troll or start an argument but why would this be considered too many clothes? Is because they are packed tight in that closet or that you that you have to resort to multi item hangers? I have several racks of clothes. I love my clothes. I’m always going through them, purging or adding, concocting new outfits. I consider fashion my favorite hobby. Do I have “too many”? How does one tell?

  • Sarahn

    Oh Sherry! This is deckchairs on a titanic! I mean I get your love, but you have too many clothes :p

    I hate the multi clip hangers cause it’s that little bit more effort to clip or I clip a skirt for me. So the ones I have are hand me downs and one skirt per hanger

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I know! I can’t get rid of anything though. Slowly. I am slowly purging out the items…. one by one, as they don’t fit, or I find I don’t reach for them. It is a slow process.

      I don’t mind the multi-clips because it makes it easier to flip through the items, but also that I have to reclip it back up anyway on a single one, so a multiclip has teh same effort…

  • Anne

    Thank you for this post, I will definitely change the skirt hangers in our walk-in closet! We already have special hangers for my husbands pants to save space, but I didn’t know there’s something similar for skirts as well.

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