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8 Clever Small Space Tiny Closet Organizational Hacks

The Mirror with a Hidden Jewellery Box

  • Make furniture like mirrors do double duty and store jewellery behind them for easy access.
  • Could even store belts or scarves behind the mirror as well, not just necklaces
  • Would work for a great small space to make that wall do double-duty as a mirror and a jewellery rack

The Display Closet with Side Shelving

Source: Meg Biram

  • Use all the vertical space possible for items you don’t reach for on the daily (super high stilettos for instance, or party shoes)
  • Use the inside nooks for hanging clothes vertically across the back to store them out of sight for a cleaner look
  • Use the floor space available for things you reach for often
  • Store seasonal clothing where it is easy to reach and put the out of season clothing in boxes elsewhere to keep the wardrobe uncluttered
  • Not sure how practical this is for my own persona life because I have way more items on hangers than I do folded.

Hang jeans on S-Hooks

  • Get some S-hooks and hang them by the belt loops!
  • Could see all the different washes, the brands, the distressing without having to unfold them one by one or guess when I touch them.
  • Might look a bit crumply/messy if you’re the type who likes everything super neat. This above example looks nice but they had to arrange it, I am sure.

Use the vertical space up to the dang ceiling

  • I do this in my tiny closet, I put shelves RIGHT TO THE TOP
  • Anything I don’t reach for often but need to keep, I store up there, and use a little stool to grab it when I need it.

Use the door to hold shoes on the outside

  • You could use space on both sides of the door.
  • One is on the outside as you are about to open the closet, and the other space, can be another rack or shelving for scarves, belts, etc, something like this:

  • And you could use both sides of that closet door!

Use your closet as your headboard

Use your bed as actual storage

  • Whole dang bed lifts up so you can grab things.
  • Only downside is if someone is sleeping on there… and you need clothes.

Find a wall, any wall

  • Don’t have an actual closet? Make one.
  • A few dressers on the bottom, a rail hanging off a sturdy shelf, and you’re good to go.

FYI, in a bigger closet, I love the idea of using display shelves in a closet so it doesn’t look so crammed and more stylish:

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