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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 10 Walk-In Closet Ideas, Upcycling Designer Bags, Headphones + More


I am obviously gathering inspiration from these walk-in closets from Veranda. The space is pretty big in all of them, but I am looking for details like colour palette, big cushions on the floor, and just the general feel like wallpaper or colour at the back of bookshelves to see what I’d like to do.

And speaking of closets, you’d want to watch Architectural Digest’s Tour of Walk-In Closets…. and maybe use The Everygirl’s guide to spring cleaning your closet afterwards which is something I have been meaning to do, actually.


I picked up a new hard drive – 4TB – to back up my information. I am marveling at how every year, these become smaller, and hold even more than before. I remember buying harddrives years ago, at 500MB and thinking that was a LOT of space, and now we are at 4TB, which is beyond my wildest imaginations.


I am starting to get antsy, so I want to start upcycling some of my more boring items, most notably my cables – black and white. Ugh.. I need to do something to them, they’re boring, AND starting to fray at the edges from constant use. So, I did a little Googling and came across the wonderful idea to wrap it in embroidery floss!!! They look super cool, and this looks like a lot of fun, frankly.

I also find work from home headphones hideous, for the most part. So I am going to definitely search in my beadbox for findings, and start bedazzling them with what I’ve got, maybe following a sort of pattern like this one. No need to buy anything new to do this, in my case.

Here are some other inspiration pics I am using:


People from Scandinavian countries are bemused that we are calling these reusable paper towels “Swedish cloths”, as they have all grown up with them, and are puzzled why we even have paper towels to begin with, when these exist. I am just happy that they are taking off, no matter what their names are. These will replace your paper towels. Use them, rinse them out, let them dry, then reuse them again and again until they break down and you cannot use them again – then just compost them!


I made up that word. Basically, it is turning a luxury paper bag into a “real” bag, as evidenced by this Dior Paper Bag video that blew my mind. It looks incredible.

I also recently saw a video on a guy that took a Louis Vuitton $300-ish scarf, and made it into a down jacket, that would likely retail for $2000 – $3000! It is truly a work of art what he ended up with at the end. If only I had these kinds of sewing skills!


I would absolutely wear this beach wrap skirt as a real skirt in real life. I know it’s meant for the beach, but LOOK AT IT.


These kitchen stories are wild. Truly wild. I enjoy such anecdotes and the pictures…!! 🙂


I finally gave in and purchased some serums from The Ordinary, but only because I am planning on using them as face masks / facials underneath my reusable silicone face mask. I will slather my face in some of these, put on the face mask, and lie down for 20 minutes to let it soak in and do its magic. The mask is there to help the serums soak into your skin, and to not let it dry out once you have put on the serum. Then, you remove the mask, and just go about your day, and hopefully that humidity and heat underneath the mask, has helped really made the serum get into your skin.

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