Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Inside IKEA’s Food Lab

IKEA has a secret Food LabVideo below.

Did you know this? How cool is this!? That odd looking sandwich thing is actually a sustainable burger made from things like bugs, and so on. I’d totally try it. I hear it tastes good and things are only weird the first time you try them.

I might need to get another one of these Times Table Flap Usborne Books. Little Bun is going through this book and using it like crazy, it is about to fall apart from overuse. LOL

I am .. I am SO IN LOVE with this Before & After Closet Makeover post. They even give you closet tips like cohesive hangers (yes, completely agree with this). #GOALS.

I love this Belkin wireless charger and it is such a time saver. I drop my phone on there, and it charges. Magic.

I honestly wish I had taken the time to be single more often – Why being single is the best – really hit a pang of slight regret for me. I was serial-coupled for most of my dating life (very short, less than 7 years), and I really feel like I missed out in some ways.

All mascaras are the same to me, so this $5 one by Princess Essence False Lash Effect is good enough for me, really. It is the cheapest you can get for the best mascara look, thick, and black. I am sure the $30 ones are much better, but… $30!?!?

Swag.  Celebrities run on it because they can. It should come as no surprise to ANYONE that celebrities get upwards to $60K in free swag every year during events because just one snapshot of the right celebrity with the product can generate millions in revenue.

When I want just some SPF on my lips, I love these Coola lip balms with a hint of colour in there that looks incredible.

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