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Little Bun Recommendations for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Books for Children

Little Bun really loves math. I mean LOVES IT to the point of no return.

Out of all the books I have purchased and gotten for him, these are his favourites; he will actually pick it off the shelf and flip through it in his free time instead of reading a story.

This is how I got Little Bun to read and do math by the age of 3…. and these are my STEM specific recommendations:




  • Tiny Hands. – their apps are beautiful, well done and without mistakes / errors that have issues
  • Bacarox – apps that help with counting, very simple and fun to use and play
  • Endless Monsters – they have numbers, alphabet, the whole range – they are SO MUCH FUN and cute
  • Mobile Montessori – Again also has numbers and shapes, etc.
  • Rosi Mosi Math – His current new obsession, but he told me he finds it way too easy (he is around Grade 2 now)
  • OneBillion – her accent is British so Little Bun had trouble understanding her
  • Splash Math – The best all around app to TEACH math to kids, they show/explain why, but I am also involved

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