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Learning Resources for Children – Remote School Education

I have been seeing a lot of resources pop up, and I figured I’d make a page to collect all of the information, as I post it normally in my Instagram Stories but it might be useful to have a site to go to.

I am not going to list anything I haven’t tried or looked at, because there are HUNDREDS of “remote education” sites, but 80% of them suck.

Apps & Sites

Scholastic Learn at Home

This site is not bad, has activities for each day, with books that read out loud to you, books you read on your own, and for various grade levels

They’re offering two free months for learning at home. I haven’t tried them out, but they look pretty good, unlike some other educational sites.


Sylvan Learning has THE BEST learning books I have ever ever seen. Little Bun started on the Grade 1 books and has been working up to Grade 2 and so on.

They are fun, colourful, interesting and very easy to learn (they tell you for instance what an adverb is, so you don’t have to Google it at least)….

My other recommendations

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