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Learning Apps approved by Baby / Little Bun for English, Math, Science, Geography & Coding

Baby Bun (now Little Bun as he is older) has been playing with apps since he was 18 months old.

Bla bla bla, screentime, and all, but he has learned so much from them it is amazing. He has used them to learn how to do math and read in English by the age of 3, and for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) specifically, you can see the entire post I did on just those disciplines.

These are all the apps I have tried and enjoyed so far:

General Learning

  • Originator Inc. – Their entire set of apps are ADORABLE, so well made, and some of my favourites. Buy them all. They are cute AF and fun (the image above is from their Endless Numbers)
  • The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins – YOU will want to read this app all the way through before giving it to your child. Note: They have to know how to read for the most part. Little Bun is only finally starting to get into this app, it is meant for older children, but it is SO WELL DONE with excellent graphics, videos, and even mini games to teach evolution, etc.
  • Mobile Montessori are kind of not cool looking or as slick as the ones above, but he really loves them and has learned a lot about plants, animals, spelling, etc.
  • RosiMosi – They have different apps by grade, and Little Bun enjoys them greatly – covering math, the body, etc
  • Edoki Academy – Little Bun loves this STEM bundle, and Coding Kart


  • Tiny Hands. – their apps are beautiful, well done and without mistakes / errors that you have to later try to explain what happened… like mixing up an Iguana with a Lizard. *eye roll* I basically own all of them, they’re all fun and great to teach kids how to match, colours, etc.
  • Bacarox – Simple apps for math
  • OneBillion apps, but their accent is British, and Little Bun had a seriously hard time understanding her.
  • Splash Math, which ended up being fantastic because he grows with it! He starts learning more and more, and now we are into long division and he is 5 years old.
  • Duck, Duck, MooseMoose Math and Pet Bingo are the two he plays regularly. The others looked just like games.
  • Eggroll Games – The math bundles are very cute, fun, and well made.


Second Languages

  • MindSnacks – Different languages and a lot of fun to play, although the images are janky… and low rent but it works well.


  • Punika Suntornwatcharakij – This is a person who created FREE apps for children <3 with an impossibly long name. (See above photo). I like the flag apps for each continent. It is low rent, but it is FREE. America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. The other apps created, are not bad but not great. I mean they’re free. That’s all I can say about them.
  • Geochallenge – This free flag app is fun for him. He does the quiz of every continent, and it can also let you choose the country on the map as a quiz


  • AvoKiddo – They say this is “physics” but honestly I am not sold. It looks like a game. Little Bun loved it though, it really taught him rationality, logic, and those are basic skills for coding, so … yay?
  • Coding Kart – He. LOVES. This. App.
  • Coding Games for Kids – This one is a sort of low-rent app.. meaning the graphics are not great, the shapes move too fast.. but it does “work”


  • Happy Color – He loves colouring in images by number. Worth the upgrade, it is a one-time fee and for life if your kid loves it. (See above)


  • Virginia

    Love this post Sherry – so helpful! I’ll be getting my 3 year old onto these 🙂

  • Amy

    I’m looking for some apps for my older kid (10). She’s done XtraMath and Scratch for coding, that’s about all. Hilariously she decided on her own that she would learn Arabic using Duolingo, let’s say that didn’t go far bc they started with the written alphabet!!

    If anyone has suggestions I’m open to it! Thanks to all and thanks to Sherry for this.

  • Domonique


    I got my kids Edoki Academy after I saw your post about it a while ago and they loved it so much!!! I’ll have to try Coding Kart. And, Happy Color looks a lot like the Pixel Art app my oldest boy likes, but prettier. We might upgrade! You have the best recommendations!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I tried Pixel Art – it was terrible. He preferred Happy Colour because of the numbers, the pictures look nicer, lots of variety.. it is so worth it. I am so happy to hear you enjoy it.

      Coding Kart is GREAT but the last level doesn’t give you the 3 stars even though you complete it. My son is so miffed…

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