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5 useless tasks I don’t do

There are things I used to do, that I have since decided are DUMB THINGS to focus on and are a waste of my time.

Here are my 5, and #1 seems to be the most controversial. Many people were the complete opposite.

5 Useless Tasks I hate doing

1. Making my bed

I am just going to sleep in it later…AND, Little Bun is likely to mess it up by making a cave or doing something out of it, so whatever nice, neat bed could ever be had, it would be ruined in 2 seconds, as our bedroom is also a playroom (we sleep on a Japanese futon).

Some people are so against this. Haha… I had so many people say they loved making their bed because it started their day right.

2. Planning Elaborate kid birthday parties


WHY THE HELL would I want 25+ screaming children, all hopped up on sugar, running around my home, making a mess, and having to PAY FOR THIS?

No. Thank. You.

I won’t even plan a party at a big Kid Zone or anything, I will leave other parents to do that #$*@, and bring my child to enjoy it, and leave them with the bill and the mess.

If my son wants a birthday thing, we will do a low-key, under 5 kids sort of thing.

A nice meal, no presents or very little, and everyone gets a nice book to take home and some candy, none of this nonsense about huge after party swag gift bags some kids leave with. Maybe take them all to a movie.

I WILL NOT subject myself to an elaborate, giraffe petting zoo, bouncy castle monstrosity…. No. Nein. Nada.

3. Cooking complicated meals

I love Vietnamese pho. I don’t love spending hours making the broth and so on.

I love eating curry. I don’t love turmeric staining everything highlighter yellow, and spending hours slaving over a hot pan to toast every spice, grind it, then make it.

I will leave others to do this, and I will willingly bring my appetite to enjoy (thanks to my partner who DOES elaborate meals), or I will simply go to a restaurant, and pay for it.

4. Finishing books I don’t enjoy

I used to force myself to finish books I started, no matter how much I hated them, and one chapter into a “classic” or a “bestseller”, I’d yawn.


If I don’t like the book by chapter three, I delete it and move on to the next.

5. Separating egg whites from yolks for a cake

Cakes, do not need egg whites separated from the yolks. It is an unnecessary step my mother nags me and my partner about because SHE does it and thinks it makes the cake fluffier (omg how… the cake is already so dense, some whipped egg whites are not going to do jack), and she doesn’t understand science enough to know that whipped egg whites are for very light cakes like soufflés, not banana cakes!

And yet, she still separates it by hand, whips up the egg whites, then the egg yolks, then combines it all into one bowl.

I have given up.

What are your useless tasks?


  • Minh Thuy

    Hmm I don’t make my bed either generally speaking. And when I do…it’d be when I am in a cleanse/declutter mood and wanting to make things need.

    The egg whites and egg yolks though do matter for some cakes like the pandan chiffon cake. It makes the difference between extra fluffy and dense cake. It also matters for the cotton cake and Japanese cheesecake, souffles and a few other cake recipes. I enjoy baking and that’s why but cooking complicated dishes is another thing. If I can find a restaurant that can cook the meal I want to eat at a reasonable price then I will buy it, but if I can’t find a decent place that makes the dish I want then I will cook it myself. I’ll do a cost analysis of cooking vs. eating out and decide then.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Oh you’re right — I think I should clarify that I do not separate the egg yolks from whites for regular dense cakes like banana. It is a waste of time when it doesn’t matter but my mother is convinced it does something.

      I don’t do any cost analysis, I honestly just go out, enjoy it once, and then dream about it again.

  • Lynne

    Roberta, I totally agree about making your bed. I do it not because it starts my day out right (my days usually start out fine regardless of whether or not my bed is made), but because like you, I love crawling into a fresh and made up bed at night.

  • Roberta

    This is going to make many folks crazy – I drink instant coffee at home. I just could no longer face the grounds, the filters, washing the pot, and somehow always finding grainy bits in my cup or on the counter. Instant coffee with 2% milk. Plus, by using boiling water, the coffee is really HOT. I have real coffee in restaurants or occasionally at a coffee shop, but that’s it.

    On the other hand, I started making my bed a decade ago, after years of wholeheartedly agreeing with you, and found I really love a fresh crisp bed to get into at night. It lifts my spirits.

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