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Ask Sherry: Little Books from Little Bun for Little Kids

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Do you have a list of books you have for little bun? I think my kid will love most of what little bun reads πŸ™‚

OMG this might be my favouritest question ever because I am such a book nerd, and now a freak about kids books.

A lot of what we got was secondhand, but here is the full list in picture form – the actual list is below the photos.

Settle in. This is a long list! A VERY LONG LIST.

Baby / Picture Books: Minimal words, mostly photos

  • Animal Baths – short fun read, and gets him to say the animal actions when I bathe him
  • The Nice Book – I still read this to him and point out OFTEN how the Mommy Bird needs to get away from the squawking baby birds to take a break
  • Panda Bear, Panda Bear What do you see? – I linked the one with the moving flaps because it is the more interesting versus the one without flaps
  • Five Little Pumpkins – he loves the rhyme!
  • Little Giraffe at the Beach – he still loves opening the flaps to this day
  • Snoozers – he makes me sing the song at the end… this is a “long” book but it has 7 short stories/rhymes
  • Busy Airport – he has ruined the flaps, and loves the carousel luggage wheel flap the best, and studies why it looks different going around (had to explain to him how carousels work)
  • Hidden Hippo – Hands down, one of his and my favourites, especially searching for the hippo
  • Big Red Barn – STILL a favourite of his; we talk about how to tell some animals are male or female by their horns, why bats come out at night, etc
  • Corduroy – Still loves this bear, and how he traveled around the department store
  • A pocket for Corduroy – And I emphasize too, the importance of not leaving your Mommy or Daddy to wander off
  • The very hungry caterpillar – MAJOR fave. I think he likes the food pics…
  • Good night Spot – We still read this from time to time
  • Goodnight Moon – Classic. Some kids hate it, he loves it.
  • Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – Very sweet, love the feature of babies all over the world

Beginner Books: Shorter stories

Older Story Books: More complicated concepts/stories

I know we have a lot of books… But we really love reading, and he has lots of variety!

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