Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Tracking every single piece of clothing I’ve worn for 3 years

1. Tracked

This guy tracked his entire wardrobe for 3 years and all of his outfits. I cannot say I will be this dedicated, but I did at least do a mini survey of my clothing only wardrobe here and I will keep up on that but I will not be tracking my outfits to do cost per wear.

2. Stood up

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TABLET STAND. I use it for everything now – ebook reader, tablet, it may be one of the best home/electronic purchases I have ever made. It swivels perfectly, rotates, holds any kind of electronic sturdily and securely (even ones in thick rubber cases).

3. Zero fks given

I loved this whole video compilation of Ana Navarro (Republican).

4. Capped

These suede heels, with a cute toe cap are calling my name from Ann Taylor. They’re chic, they’re suede, and wonderful. Or these square toed ones also look great.

5. Double-standards

What double standard disgusts you? A reddit thread worth reading.

6. Sleek

This satchel looks a lot more expensive than it really is for its $160 price tag. Has a zippered compartment, lots of open areas, minimal hardware…. stylish!

7. Witchcraft

These are all the reasons why I’d have been burned as a witch in 15th century Europe.

8. Joggers

I have cashmere joggers and I think I need another pair as backup because I like wearing them too often.

Last but not least – introducing….

FREE FILING ONLINE in CANADA (Not available in Québec this year though)

They let you also file (simple T4) taxes online via their service (it’s really cool you can even scan/upload your slips with your phone), and they only offer the pro service if you want someone to do all the filing for you with the slips (AND YOU DO NOTHING). For $30 is a freakin’ steal. I may do this instead of struggling through my taxes this year (I usually pay for a software).

My referral gets me 30% of what you pay via CloudTax Pro (it’s a $30 service regardless of if you use my link or not).


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