Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Minimalism is Out, Maximalism is In.

1. Maximalist

Millennials are over minimalism, it seems. They’re now into maximalism, especially for home decor. I can see my own tastes leaning towards this as well, but not for the entire house, just for my closet + office, let’s say. The rest of the house I prefer to be calm and neutral.

2. Batwing

My friend ordered this perfect batwing green sweater, showed me a photo and now I want it too for under $50.

3. Biggest slice of the pie

Canada’s super rich holds way more wealth than initially thought – around 25% of the wealth.

4. Chanel-esque

I have been obsessed as of late with a cap-toe pair of block heels, and am very seriously considering this pair as the reviews are quite good, considering all else.

5. Staged

This piano playing was clearly staged (the duo shows up often in various fake professions like “airline pilot and this guy appears out of nowhere as a duo!”, but it is still a nice video to watch as they’re so talented.

6. Hood Dreams

I am finally giving in to the fact that for 2 years, I will likely be working from home 100%, so I may need to increase the luxe factor of my loungewear. This hoodie seems like a good start.

7. 40s Slump

How to make your 40s a better decade, as it seems to be an age group that is the most dissatisfied with life. I am heading into my 40s soon in a few years, so this is apt advice.

8. Matcha-d

Someone told me it was too difficult and tricky to make matcha lattes, but I present to you the $17 milk frother that will save you all this whisking time.


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