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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Parisian Dreams in the 8th arondissement

1. Parisian dreams

This is clearly a well done apartment in Paris. 200 square meters is 2150 square feet in the 8th arondissement near the Champs-Élysée and the Arc de Triomphe and likely costs around three to four million euros or more.

2. White Mountain Dreams

If I ever get back to the office and/or start writing a lot again, I will seriously consider buying this MontBlanc fountain pen, or at least trying it out to see if it’s truly all that magical.

3. Emily in Paris

I’ve watched the show Emily in Paris, and it was fluff, but I 100% did not think it deserved ANY  awards or recommendations for awards for being “groundbreaking” in any way. It’s RIDICULOUS.

Bridgerton, was a truly groundbreaking show if you want to go down that route. I also appreciated Leconte’s breakdown of what she thinks about each French stereotype in the show, which more or less lines up with what my partner has said as well. He hasn’t watched the show but I did show him some scenes.

4. What’s the point of math?

Hands down, this book is Little Bun’s current favourite. Even for adults, it’s full of interesting history and tidbits.



Reinvesting dividends in your ETF in your NON-REGISTERED Margin accounts can have some terrible future implications in terms of taxation at the time of your final tax return.

Knowing this, I feel like I should…. track….. all of my previous dividends and so on for each ETF, but I also don’t want to. *side eye* I may however stop all DRIP on my accounts and do it manually because this accounting business is giving me a headache.

6. Standing up

My actual tablet stand sold out, but any tablet stand like this one I have to tell you, has been a huge game changer for reading my books, or even to Skype / Facetime with people as it puts it right up to your face-level. And I also have this smaller stand for my phone because I am on a million calls all the time, and I can charge my phone while I am talking.

7. Flexing

The best frugal flexes are truly interesting and fun gems to read about how people got things for $0.01 and so on. Truly cool.

8. Magic Bag

I have been using this magic bag for quite a while now during winter, and I warm it up before bed, put it on my freezing cold ice blocks shaped like feet, and I seem to drop off to sleep a lot easier than without. I hate sleeping with socks, by the way.

When my feet are sufficiently warmed up, I move it up to my chest, and it sits there, heavy, warm and I drift off into a deep sleep. There is some research that says this is true but really, I think it is more that I cannot sleep when I FEEL cold, and that includes my feet.

I also really like having something heavy and warm on my chest, which makes me feel safe and warm, which I think is a thing that hearkens back from being an infant for all of us. My mom always claimed we slept much better as children with something on our chest, mimicking the hug or hold of a parent.


  • Lynne

    The magic bag looks interesting. I go old school, and just use hot water bottles at night. I put two of them in my bed about 15 minutes before getting in, and it’s nice and toasty. I also move them around at night on different parts of my body. I’ll have to try the chest.

  • Gail

    Ever use a weighted blanket?
    Your cherry red outfit–down to the boots–won me over.
    Thanks for the posts; you have to be the steadiest, most prolific blogger of all time. During Covid this interesting stuff helps your readers so much.

  • Anne

    To my surprise, I liked Emily in Paris, and even more surprisingly, so did my husband. We didn’t have high expectations, which might explain it. Also, I am desperately missing France, so at the moment, I watch everything that has a connection to the country… I agree with most of Leconte’s analysis – part of the stereotypes are true according to my experiences after living in France for a year (and studying French at the university and touring the country on most of my holidays), part of them are just weird, like that lingerie episode. But all in all, I thought it was a fluffy, funny, and yes, sometimes quite irritating comedy.

    Another Netflix show I’ve been watching is French, Call my agent is the English title. I struggle a bit watching it, since right now I only want to see light series and despite being a comedy, the series has sad undertones. The third one I absolutely loved, Lupin! Omar Sy is a very charismatic actor and it is a light but well made show – can’t wait to see the new season!

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