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The Practical Gift Guide List That Isn’t Another Damn Candle – Part I

I am sick of these gift lists with candles in them, and random doodads that are not helpful, but just cute. Some people might be into that, but I want to know what could make my life easier / better / not annoy me. So here are all the items I have tried and/or own. I had to split it into 3 posts.

WonderLint Shaver

Probably the best lint shaver ever. I have tried the rechargeable versions, the lighter smaller ones, and this one is the best. I just remove the safety cap in front, and I have not yet snagged any sweaters thus far. You plug it in and it is good to go.


This steamer doesn’t leak all over you or your clothes. You know how hard it is to find one that doesn’t do this!?? Granted, the head itself is a bit heavy, so I wouldn’t spend hours steaming anything but I very much appreciate not having any water stains on my clothing. Plus it comes in a cute green or white


These are a must-have for parents or anyone who has to stand outside or be outside the cold, perhaps not moving at all for any length of time. Charge them up, put them in your pockets and tuck your hands in there to warm up! Doubles as a battery pack too.

Portable Battery magsafe charger

Game changer. No more cables, I just pop it on the back of my MagSafe phone, or put my AirPods on top to charge wirelessly. It also has the ports for charging with cables, and comes with a kickstand. It charges slower than with the QiCharging capabilities available for the newer phones, but honestly, any charge when you’re down so low, is good enough.


I have this on my desk and love it. It’s sleek, small, not fiddly, and I can charge both my AirPods and phone at once. If you have a watch, you can slide out the arm to put it on there. I don’t have the watch so I found the other chargers ugly and annoying as they always had a permanent arm for the watch… this is literally perfect in terms of size and coolness.

ESR wallet stand with GeoLock

I use this constantly, plus you can set it up to be found by your phone if you lose it. Has a kickstand that rotates both ways and, and it fits 3 cards which is all I need – driver’s licence, one credit card and my metro pass.

Kitchenaid Stick blender

Easiest way to blend something fast with very little cleanup afterwards. I actually use mine to blend my Éthique concentrate (just add water) shampoo and conditioner when I reconstitute it. It comes out like whipped cream!! Then I refill my jars.

Ember mug

Finally, I can have a mug of hot but not boiling tea all day to sip on. No worries about having to go back and reheat it or make a fresh cup. This is for WFH (work from home) folks.

Ember travel mug

This is the one I’d own if you’re working at the office. It keeps your tea at the perfect temp all day so you don’t have to drink it immediately, and you can leisurely sip on it.

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