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The Practical Gift Guide List That Isn’t a Bath Product of Some Sort – Part III

Continuing the Gift Guide list..

Beosound Portable Speaker

If you need a portable speaker, we tried them all at home and this one is the best. We use it for music but also for conference calls (if you want to use it for this purpose, buy the silver option. Not sure why but the black one didn’t work.)

Shure microphone

Again, excellent for working from home if you hate headphones. You can plug this in as your speaking device (sounds sooooo good), but also, you can set up a separate speaker for the audio (like the Beosound). It is also excellent as a microphone in general for recording things. Of course you will need either a stand or a tripod for it. But it’s basically plug and play.

Magic bags

I will forever recommend these. I love being able to warm them up easily and then use them to keep my frozen toes warm in bed. Or lay it on my chest to fall asleep. I even like the way they smell when they’re warm.


I switched out all the laces on my shoes for these things. It’s a cheap but oh-so-convenient fix especially for children, or if you’re impatient like I am.

Reflective strips

Please buy these if you walk outside past 5pm at night. With daylight savings, it gets so dark and as a driver I can barely see you in your black coat!! As careful as we all are being on the road, let’s face it – you should also take precautions as a pedestrian to not get run over.. after all, in a battle between a car and you, the car will win. I made my mother buy these to wear so that when she crosses busy urban roads, she lights up like a Christmas tree.

Nespresso Aerocino frother

How did I ever heat up my milk for my tea before? I did it with the microwave but the micro foam that is created from this thing, and the PERFECT temperature of the milk to go into my tea is just deliciously decadent. My oat milk recipe is HERE, and it works great. Don’t try to put any syrups or weird stuff in there; this is ONLY for frothing milk – either for hot or cold drinks.

Zojirushi water bottle

It’s slim, fits everywhere and isn’t 10 gallons. You’re all insane with your huge water bottles. You have to lug that everywhere you go!!! I’d rather have a slim bottle and refill it more often. Plus this one also holds hot liquids (though it doesn’t quite keep them steadily hot like an Ember travel mug), and it comes in various sizes and fun colours.

Birkenstock half insoles

I buy these for all of my boots. They don’t always fit in there depending on the style, but I put them in my Frye boots and they really support my heel and arch. I always tend to buy half a size bigger in boots just to accommodate this arch, but it isn’t always necessary (again, depending on the shoe style). I get the orthotic comfort of a great walking shoe but with the chic style of a nicer looking boot.


They’re my favourite for jewellery storage – Stackers is obviously the main brand but you do not need to splurge on that if you don’t want to – plenty of other options. These stacking jewellery boxes are perfect for earrings, necklaces and flat bracelets, even watches and cuffs depending on the size or box you get.

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