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What I read: Part 2 of 4… Backlog from the past few months of 2023


  • January: 4
  • February: 29
  • March: 21
  • April: ??
  • May: ??
  • June:??
  • July:??
  • August: ??
  • September: ??
  • October: ??
  • November: I am going to put them all here, once I am done listing them all, and that will be from April to November.

Part 1 = 11 Books

Part 2 = 10 Books

Part 3 =

Part 4 =

  • December:


Every Last Lie

What a mind bending thriller. It was just incredible because I did not know until the end what was going on then it all came together so neatly. Truly a good thriller.

MATILDA: Empress queen and warrior

A great history of Matilda, a Plantagenet ruler in England. Her story was quite interesting, as she went against convention and was very clever.

WORK MATTERS: How Parents’ Jobs shape Children’s Well-Being

It really went in-depth into how parents with low wages, dealing with childcare handle everything else going on. A stark insight into how their jobs affect their children for their long-term development.

When the lights go out

Another excellent book by Kubica. A real thriller until the end. I do not want to spoil it for you, but basically a girl realizes she isn’t who her mother said she was all these years.

BABEL: Or the necessity of violence

This book could not be more apt to describe what is happening in recent events starting decades before October brought it all to a head. It is a fictional book, but I can tell you that it hit quite hard in terms of being so perfect as an explanation of what happens when peoples rise up to resist.

Twice in a blue moon

Lauren’s books are never typical chicklit, in the sense that her exploration into relationships and thinking about past decisions, loves and lives, can make you reflect upon your own choices. A great read, it really brought me somewhere else, internally.

Every summer after

Same vein as in Twice in a Blue Moon above, but this one kind of annoyed me a bit because it is a little bit too unrealistic that you would not have resolved this a lot sooner, especially with the way the characters were being described. Somewhere in those past 15 years, SOMEONE would have said or done something, as is our human nature. Still, I enjoyed reading every line.

Really Good, Actually

A book on divorce at a young age, a great read that brings you into a life of someone else if you do not have the chance (fortunate or not) to live it.

Little Fires, Everywhere

I resisted reading this because it was being toted as an amazing book (in my experience, those books never pan out for me), but it became an excellent read and I grudgingly admitted that it was worth it. The characters are deep, the storyline is complex, and you can feel all of the little twists and turns that make up a very realistic view of what a family is made up of. The only thing I dislike is the ending, as I think it needs a sequel.

Confessions of a Ugly Stepsister

I love it when fairytales get twisted on their sides and things are NOT WHAT THEY SEEM. This is what this book did for me, even if it was really for young adults. A delightful read.


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