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The Practical Gift Guide List That Isn’t Another Pair of Slippers – Part II

Continuing the Gift Guide list..

Trtl neck pillow

A very nice, lightweight option for traveling. Works great, and is easy to wash. I will say that it takes a little getting used to, to position the skeleton part at your neck, with the right tension of the Velcro, but it’s great for shorter jaunts.

The Ostrich neck pillow

For the more substantial flights, this is the big sister of the Trtl in my opinion. If you’re taking the red eye and aren’t flying or travelling where you can actually lie down to sleep, this is the next best thing. I tried it with headphones and it’s perfect.

Travel plane phone holder

No more holding up your phone or craning your neck. I don’t typically love all the choices of what’s available to watch, so I always have what I want to actually watch or fall asleep to on my phone. This will also work in the kitchen if you need something to watch while waiting for things to cook (like stirring risotto), or if you’re sitting in a chair with an arm for a long period of time – just clamp it on.

GlocalMe wifi device

If you travel a lot between countries, this is necessary. I bit the bullet and got it because I was getting annoyed with having my wifi hotspot cut out on my phone while I’m working on it, so I got this device. You can pay for a plan from GlocalMe in the city you’re in (can get expensive), or simply buy a nanoSIM card with a plan in the country from a local telephone provider if you stay longer or want to use it for the long term (more than a month). Just pop it in and it’s ready to go. I use it constantly when I am on the go because it means my laptop stays connected 100% of the time with no break in wifi connection if I move from place to place, and my phone isn’t getting hot from its literal hotspotting.

Burga headphone covers

These are to stop them from being scratched but also to make them look cuter, plus tell them apart from others people around you may have. Lots of options!

Extra headphone mesh cups

If you also own a pair of AirPods Max, get a spare set of mesh cups to switch out when you need to wash them. They need to dry extra well, so I’d wash and switch them every 2 weeks or so. These are the knockoffs of the official Apple ones, and a third of the price.

Kindle oasis

I love this e-reader and I’ve owned the Kobo! Nothing beats this version of the Kindle – the physical buttons to flip the pages, the ability to be left or right handed to read, water resistant… all excellent features.

Orbit key organizer

My keys used to scratch everything .. and jangle like crazy. Now they stack neatly and don’t cause me trouble. I can also flip out one key and hold it in my palm comfortably like Wolverine in between my knuckles when I walk in dark areas alone, because being a woman means you’re automatically a target for weirdos.

Car or Office seat pillow

I work in the car sometimes and this has saved my back, I don’t even know how I did it before. I sit on it and I have zero pain when I am off my call. Best bum pillow ever. Also useful for office chairs.

Laptop desk

Another great car addition if you are on calls and need to do work while on the go. It has a little ledge to keep your laptop from sliding off, the padding is nice to keep your laptop from burning your thighs, and the little slot for your phone to sit up is very very handy, so you can grab it easily. It even has a little mousing area.

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