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What I read: Part 1 of 4… Backlog from the past few months of 2023


  • January: 4
  • February: 29
  • March: 21
  • April: ??
  • May: ??
  • June:??
  • July:??
  • August: ??
  • September: ??
  • October: ??
  • November: I am going to put them all here, once I am done listing them all, and that will be from April to November.

Part 1 = 11 Books

  • December:


I cannot possibly post all the books I have read so far in this one post, so I am doing 4. When I get started on a series, I like to read them in order, and read all of them until they are done, so I do not mix up storylines in my heads.

I recently finished 11 books…

Amory Ames Mystery Books – 8

  1. Murder at Brightwell
  2. Death wears a Mask
  3. A most novel revenge
  4. Essence of Malice
  5. Intrigue in Capri
  6. Act of Villany
  7. Dangerous Engagement
  8. Deception at Thornecrest

I really liked this series. I have to say the whole relationship bit she is trying to weave into the books, did not capture my attention. It did not seem to resolve itself the way I expected it to, with a satisfactory ARE YOU IN OR OUT sort of conclusion, but I guess it’s a minor thread in what is a pretty good, easy-to-read set of mystery novels that keep you guessing until the end. I liked how it kept me guessing until the end.


A chicklit novel but with WAY more depth because it really went into the whole idea I was batting around about different lives. Had you made different decisions, would your life had turned out differently? Would you choose Life A over Life B? Which is “better”? Honestly, it did really make me think about why and what people do, to reach certain points in their lives, and made me self-reflect on my own changes. The premise is an old lover shows up at her wedding, and she had considered him “The One”….. and I will not ruin the ending for you, but it was greatly satisfying for me.


What a creepy, psychological thriller. Be forewarned, a child dies in this. So if this will trigger you, understandably so, especially given today’s climate, I will caution you to avoid this book. It was however extremely well written. I was guessing until the end, and the twists and turns.. it really screwed with my brain. I enjoyed that part especially but wished they had chosen someone other than a child to die. That is hitting too close to what is happening today.


Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be forever one of my favourite authors. I especially liked this book because it is revealing a lot more about her, her thoughts, and how she overcame all of the absolutely disgusting vitriol spewing about her during their time. I found it somewhat comforting.

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