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What if we had taken a different path in life?

I think we all have questions, wondering about the other lives that we could have lived if we had done X or Y…

I mean, I can think back to the guys I dated. If I had stayed with any one of them seriously, moved out of the country (two were American), or whatever else, where would my life be now? Would I be childless? With more kids? Happy? Happier? Unhappy?

Or how about where I chose to work? If I had taken the other job offer, would I have stayed in the same city? Transitioned into something else? Climbed the corporate ladder? Or perhaps, struck out on my own anyway but with a different entrepreneurial endeavour?

I sometimes wonder. With all the choices we make in life, we can only hope the one we choose is the right one, but which one is the “right one”?

Are some better choices than others? We will never know, as we never wrote our fates into being, having chosen a completely different path.

And what does “better” mean anyway? At the end of the day, the result is happiness. Whether I am happy here in this life, or happy in another, happy is happy.

I do wonder however, but at the end of the day, the life I am living is perfect for who I am, and I suspect if I had chosen a different path, career, partner, city… I’d would not be better off than where I am today. I regret very few things, if any, in life, because they all landed me where I am today.


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  • StackingCash

    For me, hindsight seems to be 20/20. I do fall into a comparison trap on many levels that affects my happiness, but in the big picture I cannot complain because I have my health and standard of living is good.

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