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Women Going Grey – Why is it still an issue?

A while back, I made a decision to myself that I was going to just let my hair naturally grey out.

A few reasons why:

A) I am simply too lazy to go every 6 weeks for a touchup

I know the new trend now is to show your roots deliberately to show how lazy you are (?) Or whatever that trend is, but I honestly cannot be bothered to make up or follow these sorts of new hair trends to keep up with the literal Kardashians*

*I watch their show, yes, and Kim always has her roots showing. I googled it, and apparently it is a new thing.

B) My hair feels healthier without any dye

Going back to the lazy part of it all, I do not need any extra products to make it shine, or to make it look better, etc… because I simply just do not dye it. I wash it, I condition, I let it air dry. Sometimes I use the Dyson Airwrap for Goddess curls when I want to look extra special, but that is rare these days, as I do not even go the office any longer.

C) The smell of it always made me ill

I will say that I looked into NATURAL dyes as an alternative, and using things like walnut shells or whatever else to let the WHITE hairs collect the pigment and leaving your other darker strands alone, sounded like a good alternative, frankly.

But going back to Point (A), I would still have to keep up on it.

Now, while I personally made that decision, I am also lucky because I no longer go into the office, nor even turn on my video in Zoom. I simply never see anyone I do not want to see as I am a permanent Work-From-Home person; the day I get a job where I am not allowed to WFH, may very well be the day I stop working, frankly.

So I can understand the struggle of women who still have to go to the office, and are under immense pressure to look younger by dyeing their hair.

I absolutely 100% support women who continue to dye their hair – you do what you have to do, to look younger, land that promotion, stay employed, get more money, close that deal…. it is unfortunately the deal society has made with the devil and while there are many women (like Andie Macdowell) going grey naturally and ageing naturally, they are few and far between.

Why is this still an issue!?

Why do women STILL have to pretend they are fertile to show that they are competent at their jobs, and yet when men age, they are considered wiser and more experienced?

Why does a woman’s worth constantly get tied back to how young, attractive and fertile they are?

I am not talking just about grey hairs, but having to stay fit to look hot, no matter your age, is another societal pressure, or how about this one that I am definitely entrenched in – spending a ton on skincare and products to keep wrinkles and sun spots at bay? Not a single guy in my life wears suncreen or cares for their skin, the way I do for mine, from paying for treatments (microneedling with radio-frequency is amazing by the way), to buying expensive products (my holy grail tried-50-sunscreens-to-get-this-one favourite sunscreen is this one), just to keep my skin luminous, and wrinkle-free for as long as possible.

I have not yet dabbled in anything like Botox or fillers, and I support women who do this too because guess what? SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD SO YOU LOOK GREAT & ARE CONFIDENT.

And yet, why do I do it? Why am I conditioned to believe that I need to look as good as possible, and preserve my looks? Is this human nature? Is this societal pressure? Is this me subscribing to something and perpetuating more beauty myths that I should be railing against?

So while I will not stop wearing sunscreen (also for skin reasons, skin cancer is no joke), nor doing skin treatments because deep down, they do make me feel a certain way. When my skin is clear and smooth, I feel like a million bucks, and I act so much more like myself – confident and calm. When it is in turmoil, I feel like I do not want to go anywhere or do anything.

I will at least, not dye my hair when it turns grey (every year, new ones pop up LOL), and it is what it is. I will at least, do that.



  • Gail

    I am nearly 77 and have never used hair dye. When I was young–into my 30s and 40s–I looked young for my age, but now I am wrinkled and grey, and look my age! But…I feel 30 and am healthy. I have never done so many of the “beauty” things that women do such as wear makeup and jewelry. I wore heels when in my mother’s control because she paid for my shoes ! I prefer natural in almost every aspect of appearance. It is society and learned (from society) habits that cause us to think of beauty in an unnatural way.

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