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Update: Parts of my Minimalist Home and Apartment – Little Bun’s Toys and Things

I originally posted photos of my minimalist home and apartment here, and thought an update was in order to see what has changed since I have last posted.

In the living room, Little Bun does have a mini desk for himself:

Just around the corner there is this awkward pillar to hold up the apartment, and we put Little Bun’s other mini desk there with his toys.

And he has his own little house in front of the kitchen with the BEST view that he naps in sometimes when he is sick and wants to be near us when we work, and he even has a “backyard” and a BBQ to match Daddy’s.

In his future bedroom, his library is growing:

And in the bedroom, he also has a mini book box we dig into to read before bedtime:

His clothes are also in our main bedroom (just seemed easier than going to his other bedroom all the time):

And just one more rack:

The rack underneath the pull-ups and the sleep clothes are things he doesn’t use any more and need to be stored away (or tossed, as some may have holes like old shirts).



  • marie

    I like the way you organized your house.

    I would like to know what baskets, boxes and bins you use all over your house (maybe some links if you can, brands, sizes).

    I think I’ve identified some Curver baskets (if I’m not mistaken), but I don’t know about the boxes where you keep your child’s books (the open-style ones) and the big black boxes where you keep his clothes.

    These storage solutions are pretty and handy.

    Thank you!

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