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Who are Canada’s top 1%? (2022)

TOP 1% INCOME = $513,700

There are 287,490 people in Canada who hit this high income tax bracket and it is an increase of 1.8%.

The median income is $345,300 (meaning the middle person of the 287,490 people, earns this amount).

The average income is $513,700 meaning the ones at the very top are pulling the average way up by over $168K.

They pay an average of $190,400 in taxes a year, but the median taxes paid is $118,400 (meaning that median person earning $345,300, paid this amount).

Women ARE 1/4 of THE 1%

The average income for men in this group is $513,700, and they’re 75.3% of this group.

The average income for women in this group is $534,400, and they’re 24.7% of this group.

But the good news is that in 1982, only 11% of the 1% were women, and now it is 24.7%, which is promising.


80.9% of them are in a relationship – either married or common-law, and out of that, men skew higher to be in a relationship at 85.4%, and women skew lower at 67.4%.

older ON AVERAGE around 53 years old

Top 1% earners, are around 53 years old, but the rest of the 99% of Canada’s average age is 48 years old.

Were they just as rich last year?

For the most part yes. 72% of the ones filing this income this year, made the same last year.

But 5 years ago, only 49.9% of them were in this group.

Basically, they were already probably making this money before consistently and have continued making this kind of money.


In 2018, the top 1% earned an average of $244,800, or 10% of all the income in Canada, mostly living in urban cities:

  • 27% in Toronto
  • 12% in Montréal
  • 9% in Vancouver
  • 9% in Calgary

& The top 1% of the 1%?

…and the 1% of the 1% (basically 0.1%) had an income of at least $790,000.

NET WORTH = $3,500,829

To be in the top 10% of Canadians, your net worth must be at least $3,500,829. This includes your registered accounts, pensions, everything.

If you have $1,702,396 you are in the top 20% of Canadians.

If you have $1,446,753 you are in the top 30% of Canadians.

Now to give you an idea of what that looks like against a general net worth chart, here is one I found on net worths by age, both the average and median:

And just for fun:


This is about $5748 every month.

In 2019, almost two-thirds of total household spending on goods and services were allocated to shelter (29.3%) or about $1684 a month, transportation (18.5%) at $1063.38 a month and food (14.9%) or $856.45 a month.

Your city also matters a lot


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