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Ask Sherry: A cheap thing that makes me happy…

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What is something inexpensive that makes you happy?


A cup of tea in the morning. I need it. A great cup of tea.

I also love a great book. When an unexpected book I start reading, ends up being such a page turner, it makes my day. Like REALLY MAKES IT.

Honourable mentions off the top of my head of books that surprised me as being funny, poignant page turners:

A great talk with a great friend that goes on for hours… that really cheers my heart up.

I also very much love it when Little Bun runs (unprompted) and hugs or kisses me, or tells me he loves me. That.. you have no idea. It really just makes my heart sing.

Other inexpensive thrills are when things just go right. When my partner is happy, Little Bun is being super sweet and I just have peace in my heart.

How do you clean your leather leggings?

I wipe them down like any other leather good with leather cleaner, then conditioner. You can’t really “clean” leather leggings…..

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