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Ask Sherry: What would my wedding and engagement bands look like?

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If you got married, what would your engagement and wedding rings look like?

Wedding band:

Simple, plain platinum, thin ring.

Engagement ring:

Wouldn’t really want one, but if I were forced to have one, I’d want something unexpected or really plain.

Just a simple solitaire, and not in a diamond. In a crystal or something because … I don’t care about diamonds and the “price paid for a bride”, but if it satisfies society that I have a specific engagement ring, then I want to play a continual joke on everyone who meets me and just have it in a simple sparkling crystal, NOT A DIAMOND.

Or a coloured gem that is pretty….

What is your favourite kind of gift to receive?

An unexpected one that I didn’t know I wanted, or needed but actually wanted and needed!

I have yet to receive this to be honest. Don’t go off my gift list. Stick to it if you want to please me FOR REAL.

What is a creature comfort you could never give up?

A cup of tea. My morning cup of tea. I need a cup of tea every morning. Up to 3.

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  • JC

    I agree with you about wanting a nice, simple wedding band. I happen to have a fancy engagement ring, but I’m thinking of not wearing it anymore and switching my wedding band to a plain band. The correlation I’ve noticed is that the more professional the setting, the less “bling-y” the women’s rings are. Also, since I tend to be surrounded by guys in my daily work who wear simple bands, I feel a bit self-conscious about having a solitaire diamond.

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