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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where Korean K-Beauty Skincare is a scam

Are you really into Korean beauty skincare? Then read this because it seems to be a load of hype. I am not really into that as in I obsessively try snail mucus on my face or whatever (makes me think of in the past when they used to spread sparrow poo on their faces), but I do think the SK-II masks work (I tried one on a whim and liked the results although not to do it weekly at the $$$$ tag it came with).

Where I do think they excel are in certain formulas that American brands can’t seem to get right. For instance, my favourite HOLY GRAIL liquid eyeliner is from DollyWink, it goes on like a light water in terms of texture, dries instantly, but it is quite pigmented, it looks quite natural at the end, and it doesn’t look like shellac, nor does it run or flake off.

My skin is terrible lately. Dry, flaky, itchy, eczema patches all over my skin… and I’m about to throw in the towel and use some rosehip oil based on these reviews. Anyone try this?

Update: I bought that exact one. I’ll try it out as it is cheaper than in Canada even with shipping and duties.

Should you include your home in your net worth? Some people do and some don’t. I do because it is an asset I poured a lot of money into, so I am damn well going to note it!

I discovered a new fashion brand I am sort of in love with – Mijeong Park. Their stuff is not that cheap at retail, but at sale prices they go down below $20, a lot of it is polyester, but the high-end luxe polyester which was surprisingly very beautiful and pretty.

I absolutely 100000% need to start being a beauty and fashion editor. For instance, in 6 months they got over $95,000 worth of free stuff. That is not to say they liked or kept it all, they resold most of it I suspect for money, but WOW. I think I’d get all that stuff and end up not wanting to keep any of it. Maybe it’s better I opt out completely of that consumerist fashion editor cycle….not that I was ever part of it to begin with.

Wanted that gorgeous Naked Palette from Urban Decay but couldn’t afford it? I found this makeup palette dupe for $6 that is a dead ringer.

Oh, did your champagne go flat? Drop a raisin in it. #RichPeopleProblems

I very badly want to try this delicious sounding watermelon glow mask. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it work? Am I just being a sucker?

STOP SAYING IT IS OKAY. I have started doing this at work. When people say something, I don’t try and make them feel better if it was their fault. I just say: “Okay“, “It is what it is” or stand there silently. I got a Director to apologize to me once because of it.

I shouldn’t want this skirt, but .. I do. London is one of my favourite cities in the whole world and an iconic, cool, graphic print of it? SIGN ME UP. They are so Ted Baker-ish.

By the way, if you want that StyleBook app I reviewed but don’t want to pay for it, this one is free – Smart Closet. Enjoy! (Thanks A!)


I feel like my post on Filial Piety touches a lot of nerves, and I am thrilled that Traveling Cents brought it back as a topic of discussion.


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