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The Minimalist’s Guide to the Idea Jewelry Box

I was asked what my ideal, favourite pieces of jewelry would be in a minimalist wardrobe.

As it is with style, my jewellery and accessories are FAR from minimalist, but I thought long and hard, and narrowed it down to these items:

  1. Everyday necklace
  2. Everyday ring
  3. Everyday earrings
  4. Watch
  5. Statement necklace
  6. Statement ring
  7. Statement earrings
  8. Cuff


Something simple, elegant, and easy to wear with any outfit.

I personally like this long black metal chain necklace of mine because it tends to go with everything but something more everyday like a pearl necklace may be better for some people.


I know people wear their wedding bands and/or engagement rings, so an everyday ring is also needed sometimes.


I’d also probably add two or three thin stacking rings because I am in love with my thin stud stacking rings:



I don’t wear earrings but I know if you don’t wear any, the holes close up in your earlobes, so some simple silver, drusy, or pearl studs look great.

I really like this trio of drusy stud earrings:


I am a huge fan of wearing a watch.

I know it sounds strange because I always carry my iPod Touch everywhere and can read the time on it, but I really like the look of a simple, elegant watch in a leather with a huge 30mm watch face.

Sometimes I just wear a watch and no jewellery.


I love, LOVE statement necklaces.

I am especially in love with multi-layers of beads because it can make anything look expensive and luxe without needing to resort to any kind of sparkly bling.



A nice cocktail ring like this leafy one, or something more subversive like an armored ring. I particularly love my Conqueror Ring:



Either really REALLY long, big earrings that catch the light when you swish your head, or these simple gingko leaf earrings that look fancy & large without being too glittery or loud.


I love a good cuff, a thin minimalist one or a really strong bold one like my favourite sage cuff which comes in gingko too.

I of course cannot live without a drawerful of jewelery options but those would be my MUST HAVES if I ever had to cut down on anything.


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