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The best purchases we made (and didn’t make) for Baby Bun


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We didn’t buy a crib, nor any baby-sized sort of bedding for Baby Bun. We decided early on we would go straight to purchasing his “forever” bed.. or at least, “forever with us”.

P.S. I wrote a whole article about how and why minimalist futons rock. You can buy an , free shipping worldwide with a few country restrictions, or here if you want an all-cotton one made in the U.S. instead.

For babies especially it can be tricky. We knew he would roll around and roll off, and basically try to escape as he got bigger. As a newborn without much control he just lay there and slept. As he got bigger and wigglier, it was harder to keep him on the bed but not impossible (I mean, he’ll just roll off onto the floor, it wasn’t a big deal).

As he got older, we started stacking heavy cardboard boxes all around his bed (making sure they could NOT FALL ON HIM!!!) and it has worked out well so far.

We got the idea from a friend of my partner’s, who bought futons for her two children from baby to now child, and they have slept on the same futons their entire lives thus far.

Top reasons why it rocks for a baby / child:

  1. They can grow into it
  2. You can lie down on the futon WITH THEM and pat their butt to sleep or comfort them in other ways or play with them (read: nap along with them)
  3. They get to wiggle around and shift without feeling like they’re being constrained in some prison / cage (I’ve seen videos of toddlers hurling themselves over the cribs in attempts to escape O_o )
  4. It’s soft and comfortable
  5. You can put a waterproof sheet / cover underneath (comes in standard / full sizes!!)
  6. You don’t need to buy baby-specific cribs, furniture, bedding, etc
  7. You can buy adult-sized bedding which is cheaper and comes in far more variety to be used
  8. It’s close to the floor and they can just roll off onto the floor as they get older instead of needing a bed rail because they’re scared they’ll roll out of bed
  9. It’s easy to move / roll-up if you are limited on space and want to use that room for other purposes during the day (we don’t do this, but Japanese folks do.)

Anyway, I love it and so does Baby Bun.

{ Baby Wrap Carrier }

This is made in Canada so I did it to support local businesses in my area, and I LOVE it. It is easy to use once you learn how to tie it.

My entire review on the Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier goes into why it’s awesome. I use it even now with Baby Bun being a toddler and will use it until he protests being carried like a baby joey.

{ The Giving Blanket (Oemi Baby) }

I bought two of these plain, undyed organic cotton Oemi blankets at the Baby Show in Toronto and love them.

I use them to cover Baby Bun’s head when he is in the Chimparoo and NEEDS TO NAP (he gets distracted easily otherwise).

I’ve also used them to cover the stroller when we’re out for walks so he can nap or sit comfortably without any stimulus from outside or sun in his eyes ( the sunshade sometimes doesn’t shield ALL of the sun depending on the angle ).

They’re soft, they’re wonderful, I’d keep them and use them just for me after Baby Bun gets bigger (or to give them to him as a blanket).

{ Bummis Cloth Diapers }

Love these cloth diapers. I LOVE THEM.

{ Baby Swing [Thrifted] }

When he was a newborn / baby this thing saved my arms, my back, and my life.

Sure, parenting websites and forums will wag fingers at you and wonder how you could POSSIBLY want to put down a 15 pound squealing bundle of joy to give your back, your arms, shoulders and neck a break from being in a perma-cradle position…. but you know what? I DUN CARE.

I was all alone and I was happy that I could put him in there on a gentle swing and go off to eat, do other things and still have an eye on him swinging happily in the chair, looking at stuff.

Sometimes, Mommy needed to eat.

Sometimes, Mommy needed to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes, Mommy just needed a damn break.

We tried not to leave him in there for a long time because their heads can flatten at the back, but when you need a break.. OMG. Totally worth it.

I bought it used from a lady and it has been a lifesaver.

{ No consciously purchased toys }

We haven’t purchased a single toy for Baby Bun, except for 3 little rubber toys and this wooden toy truck for when he becomes older.

The reasoning behind this is not only because we’re cheap (which we sometimes are, let’s face it), but it was also because there was no point.

He’s too young to appreciate these toys meant to expand his brain and turn him into a mini Mozart-Einstein twisted baby hybrid.

What we ended up doing was making toys for him, or just giving him safe things to play with, namely:

  • Little boxes. HE LOVES LITTLE BOXES. I get little jewellery boxes & they turn into drum sets, carriers, they are hours of endless joy, creativity and fun for him. Especially the lids and putting all of his rubber bath toys in there and closing them.
  • My Beauty Blender Sponge. *sob* He got a hold of it and started picking at it. I’ve given up on trying to get it back. He loves it and thinks it’s Mrs. Ducky’s (purple) egg. Whatever. It keeps him quiet and he loves seeing it squish in my hand.
  • His socks. No joke. He loves his socks. He bundles them up in his chubby little baby paws and carries them around. He just LOVES socks.
  • Cardboard container that is cylindrical. It rolls. It has a top. It’s cardboard.. and it is endless, ENDLESS hours of fun for him to roll it, open it, put the cap back on, stuff his socks in there, squish Mrs. Ducky’s purple beauty blender sponge egg in there, and what have you.
  • Mommy & Daddy. His favourite thing to do is to play with us or have us play with him. We play Mommy Monster where I follow behind him and make him run to the futon where he collapses on it and I tickle him until he can’t breathe, Mommy Moose (a variation on Mommy Monster but with my tickling hands as moose ears), Mommy… you get the idea. It all ends in him giggling and being mercilessly tickled.

There you have it. Babies don’t need toys. As he gets older, we will buy him toys that he will love to play with, but as it stands right now, there is no coloured plastic anything in our house and he .. frankly couldn’t care less.


  • Sheri

    Both our kids shared the same crib. When they moved out of it we bought the traditional twin bed. A friend had said to buy a double bed, their forever bed, but it seemed weird to me. Hindsight being what it is, I wish we had. Our youngest still has nightmares and to spend the night in a twin bed is torture, I truly wish we had gotten the double. Now as they get bigger and eventually move out, they will need to buy a bigger bed. Sigh buy the bid bed.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Yep. Exactly. We also planned on Baby Bun to be a big kid as he got older because he showed all the signs of being tall when he was born (very long legs).

      We needed space to cuddle with him and being in a small bed would have been terrible.

  • Cassie

    It totally makes sense that you wouldn’t buy a crib for baby bun given that you guys sleep on a futon, but for some reason every time you described patting him on the butt to go to bed, I pictured him being in a crib. It’s amazing how ingrained stuff can get sometimes.

    • save. spend. splurge.


      Yes.. well the patting on the butt doesn’t happen any longer. 🙂 Unless my partner is a softie and gives in. I refuse to do it.

      We actually lie down with him on the futon on the floor and pat his butt. It’s easier on our arms / back.

  • Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    I’m a big fan of using cloth diapers when my daughter was still a baby. For me, I definitely saved a lot by using it.

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