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Ask Sherry: How much of your net worth is from savings versus investing?

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Hello! How much of your net worth is from income vice earnings on investments/investment growth?

That… is a really good question.

I don’t know exactly, I haven’t kept insane track with savings aside from just plowing it into investments, and I did sell and raid my investing funds to pay for my house in cash.

What I do have, are a few indications of my return over the past while:

I can see from my statements that my base deposits for what I do have left in investing accounts was: $123,127.82

My current market balance of all those accounts is $177,729.54.

This means I saved actual $123,127.82 dollars and now have $177,729.54 as part of my net worth.

That return is about 44% roughly..

If my net worth is around $630,000 and we take that factor, I’d say about 56% is from actual savings, and 44% is investment returns.

56% x 630,000 = $352,800 – actual savings

44% x 630,000 = $277,200 – investment growth

This is not entirely accurate, but … it is the best I can do given that I don’t have any other numbers or data to work with because I haven’t kept track… necessarily.

Let’s make it more conservative and say I actually saved more than that (give me some credit!).

Why do you give LB goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk?

We started him on goat’s milk when he was born.


You are supposed to not give animal milk to newborns or babies, and formula is apparently “the best” formula for milk for those who won’t breastfeed (Little Bun REFUSED to latch and I almost cried myself into despair & stressed out unnecessarily about it).


We did it anyway.

He turned out fine, and though his poo was not as soft or as foamy (ugghh) as with formula, it was hard little rabbit-like pellets, we made the decision after reading the formula ingredients, NOT to give him that stuff.

Goat milk is much easier to digest than cow’s milk, and the VERY BEST milk would have been donkey’s milk, but that was only sold in Paris at 10 EUR a bottle (but we would have bought it for him).

It’s the closest substitute you can get to human milk which I would concur with because I drank the donkey’s milk and found it very off-putting because it was so sweet… but my partner drank the milk and said it did not hurt his sensitive stomach like the other animal milks, so there you have it.

Does he drink cow’s milk at preschool?

Yes. One cup a day, no more than that. They do not have goat milk.

I would bring some for him but it is just ONE cup of cow milk so I’m not fussed about it.

Our daycare only offers cow’s milk and I’m wondering if I should get some goat’s milk for home. What brand does LB drink?

Before I recommend what brand, keep in mind that goat milk is a very, very strong flavour.

I would not really suggest having a child drink it if they are not already used to strong flavours — give it a shot, but don’t expect miracles 🙂

Little Bun has had it since he was about 5 days old, mixed into my pumped breast milk. As he got older, he got full 100% goat milk (like now), but he is used to the flavour.

I tried drinking some and gagged. I could not, I am too used to cow milk which is MUCH milder.

Now, as for the brand, he drinks Hewitt’s Goat Milk found at any organic market or food store even in Québec ;-)…

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