Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Zero waste ideas for the kitchen, jewellery galore and is your clothing all that ethical?


I think these tips on how to use citrus peels is excellent. I never thought about.. well, to be frank, most of them except the part about zesting them. This is making me want to take a piece of fruit, grab its peel and do something with it rather than just tossing it. You can even take the peel of a banana and make it into pancakes, among other things.


Honestly, I have said this before and I will say it again – these LezĂ© the Label pants are phenomenal. I own them, and love them. I would suggest sizing up (so if you wear a small, buy a medium) because the waistband elastic is tight. I love how sleek the pants look (they’re even an Oprah’s pick from 2021), they have nice pockets, they feel cool yet warm, as if you’re wearing a marshmallow. It looks beyond chic with their pullover v-neck as well. The whole outfit is stunning and perfect to go even to the office in (business casual).


If you enjoy history and jewellery like I do, this spotlight on the Victoria & Albert Jewellery collection is breathtaking.


At least, that’s what I am imagining with this gorgeous decorative pink blush tray with gold metal handles. It looks nice as decor as well, with the beautiful gold. Exactly the kind of thing I love. It even comes in 100% gold which.. I’ll be honest, I am sort of into. I also really like this oval gold ring dish.


Can you really tell how ethical something is by its price tag? I don’t think so. Just because you pay thousands, it doesn’t mean it was ethically made. Maybe there’s a higher chance, yeah, but not for certain. I think the best thing is always to buy secondhand. After secondhand, the best thing to do is to buy from stores that truly ARE ethical – you can see their process, you may even know them as a local producer of wool who then makes wool sweaters or who they supply to, and so on.


I am leaning towards buying cashmere socks to wear only at home…I already have sheepskin house shoes but I can’t wear them in bed, so I take them off, and my toes instantly get cold. These might be a great alternative.


Size US zero is not the standard. It 100%, should not be considered the “normal” body size for women. The standard body size for women today, is a US 10. US 10, is five whole sizes away from Size US 0. I don’t know why we keep insisting that women should be thinner than they are. They aren’t, get over it. I have even seen sizes at J. Crew go down to 00 and 000. I mean REALLY? Is it really such a big deal to say “I am a size 0”, when in fact, it’s probably a US Size 6 if you think about it, or a US Size 8.


I know comic tees may not be everyone’s thing, but these ones from Re/Done are pretty good with a strong feminist message. They’re also super collectible and resell well on secondhand markets. This one says – I ordered pasta, not you!

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