Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: High fashion recreations with tape and seaweed

1. High fashion..!?

This video is incredible, these women are SO CREATIVE in redoing high fashion magazine covers with whatever they have in their closet, some tape.. it’s kind of amazing how they nailed it. That image above? That’s a Chanel recreation with just some sweaters they had in their closet and TAPE!!!

2. Toasty warm

I have these sheepskin lined house slippers and as someone who is constantly cold (toes and fingers), they have been a true godsend.

3. Mapped Out

This map of Procrastination is exactly how I feel.

4. Cold shoulder

I am intrigued by cold shoulder sweaters like this amazing one now, I feel like they’re a gateway to a one-shoulder sweater, and much easier to wear. But of course, my heart will always belong to bishop sleeve sweaters.

5. More Money Diaries

Like my Week of Money Posts? My friend has come up with her own on her new blog: RethinkingFI… in this one, she goes shoe shopping <3 She also talks a lot about things like composting baby clothes.

6. J. Lo

Remember that plunging green dress that broke the world when J. Lo wore it and people wondered how it stayed on? Well it’s for sale now if you want one for your own.

7. Resume Templates

5 resume templates you can download and use.

8. Wrapped in Midi

This is.. such a perfect midi wrap dress for $225 The right length, tank top straps, a beautiful drape.. <3

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