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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Are you warm or cool toned?

How to tell if you are warm or cool toned. I am definitely cool-toned if we go by the colours that make me look incredible (jewel-toned purple, blues, etc), but then I am considered warm-toned because I tan very easily… and yet I look good in both silver and gold jewellery.

I have been reading The Hating Game and really enjoyed reading it. I suggest that the author write the exact same story but from the perspective of the guy.

8 Money Diarists talk about their most expensive purchases and if they were worth it. There’s a Givenchy Antigona bag in one of the stories if that interests you!

The best roasting dishes we have ever used are from Emile Henry, and for some reason red is the best colour.

Are you moving in together with someone? Read this first.

When I am indoors, I freeze like crazy. I had to Google it and this sort of explains why. I just know that I feel like I need a blanket or a Snuggie.

20 seconds is about the time you should be washing your face, or maybe longer. I can see that. I see where I don’t spend time on my face, I break out more.

Love the look of these knee-high grey suede boots… I am obsessed with grey suede boots for some reason. I own a pair of knee-high shearling ones but they aren’t classic boots to wear with things like dresses or skirts…

Am I crazy or does this girl look the same before and after her nose job? We REALLY are our own worst critics, because I see a very SLIGHT difference in her nose but to her it made the world of a difference. I guess I should be a little less harsh on myself…

If you aren’t into statement jewellery but do not want something too small and unnoticeable, this Kendra Scott necklace fits the bill..

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