Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the Governator was a beast when he pumped iron

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a BEAST when he pumped iron. Wow. I don’t find that attractive, personally, but I am beyond impressed.

I would totally imagine a chic nun wearing this striped open dress by Max Mara, but …. obviously on me. Okay, you got me. I want this dress to work for me. There is something so easy and effortless about it, but I just know I would look like a potato sack.

I need to do better on this front of raising my little boy to be a healthy, emotional man by using more emotive words with Little Bun. I cannot remember the last time I said to him: Tell me how you are feeling, although I am aware of it and I DO acknowledge when he is sad, and I say things like: I know you are very sad and angry right now… .. but I need to do better.

What a STUNNING Missoni metallic striped dress. I love the colours, the metals…

I loved this series about Not a Trophy Wife, and the raw talk about this woman who makes $28K when her partner makes $175K.

I have purchased, tried and LOVED this Coola SPF 30 mineral sunscreen. I know it is pricey but the one for the face is so soft and smooth and amazing, you would not believe it was a mineral sunscreen. And their Firecracker Lipbalm with SPF 30 is a fantastic, deep red colour for your lips.

I think I may absolutely be stressed because I am checking off half of the items on this Are You Stressed list. I am not sleeping well, and I am not eating normally….

Stocked up again on more rosehip oil. I slather it on my body and my skin is super unbelievably soft.

This is how to figure out how much money you need to save to retire comfortably.

This leather phone clutch in cognac is so stylish and minimalist and it is only TEN DOLLARS… I am a huge fan of cutting back on what you carry now and I love that I only have my iPod Touch & a few cards.


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