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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Get your closet inspired and organized

Getting great inspiration from Goop’s Closet Organization Tips.

Adding great hangers is what I do — thin, slim velvet ones like these — and trying to keep things as organized as possible. At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to try not to cram too much into there. Decluttering means actually getting rid of stuff!

I am terrible however, at keeping bags properly stuffed. *blush*

On the colour of money, as in how the way you have been raised, has everything to do with how you think about money, particularly your race, which for me, was something I never considered.

I found it extremely interesting. It made me think about how I think about money and how much of that is due to my background.

THE BEST cashmere washing shampoo is by The Laundress. I use it, and love the smell of it on my clothes after I wear my cashmere. It is so gentle, and really gets the stench out (especially if you thrift like I do). You can use my referral code for $10 off your order here.

Are you an extrovert or an ambivert? I think I am an ambivert. I sometimes need to just.. not be near people.

If you need a folio to keep track of receipts or little pieces of paper, this Moleskine Folio is highly recommended by me. I bought two sizes – large and small – and use them to store receipts when I am out to do returns, or when I buy things.

7 Money-Saving Items that cost $20 or less [Video] Chelsea is so right about a sewing kit (and I even wrote a long post of all the items you should have in your closet to take care of your things – 10 Super Practical Fashionista Must-Haves.

My partner has recently discovered this cookware brand Fissler, with pots and pans made in Germany.

We bought a trial pot for $300 USD, and he was amazed at the quality. So amazed, he said that the All-Clad stuff we had was not as good as this one, and the food was cooking so evenly, and perfectly.

He is on a spending binge now, buying other pots he wants from Fissler. I thought I’d share the love, if you are into cooking as much as he is, and into really high quality cookware.


  • Lynne

    I also really like The Laundress Wool and Cashmere spray. It has a wonderful cedar smell. Each time I wear a sweater, when I take it off at night, I turn it inside out and lightly spritz it with this spray, and leave it to air out all night. The next morning, when I turn it right side and put back on the shelf, it smells amazingly fresh. It has definitely cut down on how often I have to launder them. (I also do this with my regular clothes using their Fabric Fresh spray.) I feel like a little less washing keeps my clothes looking newer longer.

  • Sense

    Oh my gosh, I am now SO KEEN to hear about your cookware and partner’s choices in basically everything. Post on his fave cooking (or other quality) items please?

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