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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge: With closet organization tips for the year

These are great tips on getting your closet organized, but the main tip they forgot to put in there is to: GET RID OF STUFF FIRST. You can’t organize clutter.

This Radha rosehip oil is truly miraculous for my skin. Looks like Duchess Kate was on to something with this…. I have not yet (knock on wood) had any acne issues with it, and it has cured my dry winter skin when mixed with Complex 15 cream.

Traveling is really, truly not as glam as you think. As a young parent, I do kind of fantasize about having a bed to myself, being able to shower, lie in bed and watch hotel TV and do all of this stuff ALONE, but it takes a major toll on your family, which is why we decided before having Baby Bun that we would stop business traveling.

You lose most your week in commuting and being absent just because of a job, and it is very, very tiring. Traveling for work is not traveling to go lie on an island somewhere and hang out.

I cannot recommend this minimalist desk set enough. Honestly, it has made a big difference in organizing my life.

How the word “tea” is either pronounced “cha” or “te(a)” in every single language. I’m a huge etymology geek and this was truly interesting to read especially since I’m also a tea lover.

I think this might actually be the perfect striped linen skirt. It looks like a nice, heavy quality weight skirt and the stripes are perfectly spaced. For the price I’d expect it to be impeccable 😛

If someone’s phone rings in the middle of class they have to answer it and put it on speaker. OMG school justice… This is hilarious and so is this police request.

The next time winter hits, I may end up buying these James Perse fleece leggings to survive.



I love that Juliet is working on killing it with my money tips.

Big thanks to No Ordinary Homestead also, for featuring my article on why futons are a great small space idea.


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    Some etymology and onomatopoeia: I read how the words ‘Mom’ ‘Dad’, ‘Maman’ ‘mam’ ‘tad’ ‘mama’ ‘baba’ ‘Omma’ are so similar in so many languages from Welsh to Hindi to Arabic to French because it is based on the sounds babies makes. At the start, they make easy ‘ah-ah-ah’ sounds and ‘mmmmm’ (time that they are also usually a lot around their first caregiver, the mother. You get the combination of ah-mm-ah-mm-ah and people may have assumed that the baby is calling the mother. When they are older, (and likely more around the second caregiver; the dad) they make the more complex sounds: ‘pp’ dd’ ah’ ‘p-d’ ‘b-ah -bah’ and ‘dada’ ‘baba’ ‘papa’ derive from this as people assume the baby is calling the dad. How cute!

  • Shauna Otway

    Hi, just curious where you purchase your Radha rosehip oil from as you are in Canada and the link you provided is to I am in Calgary and they do not ship here, I cannot seem to find another alternative to order it from that is reasonably priced and doesn’t cost a bazillion dollars to ship it here. Thanks!

  • Alexis

    Complex 15 is my life. Glad you’re enjoying!!

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