Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The average woman spends $250K on beauty in her lifetime

This is EYE POPPING but not surprising that Allure announces we will (each) spend on average $250K. Already with me, if we count laser facials and laser hair removal, etc… I am definitely well on my way to that $250K mark. Some women spend near to nothing (MOM!! I AM LOOKING AT YOU), so I clearly spend her share as well.

If you need some serious concealer, there is a list of 10 that will do the job. I will tell you that Dermablend is MY FAVOURITE brand for this, however if you want a slightly cheaper but almost as effective concealer, I’d go with Nyx Concealer.

This is how you connect more with your partner to make sure you don’t lose the spark in your relationship.

How adorable is this Let’s Do Brunch tee ? Too bad it’s for kids 😛

This is such a beautiful shot of a mother getting married and breastfeeding her baby on her wedding day. I love the way her baby looks up at her while eating.

I think Cloth & Stone is such a wonderful brand, and I love their C&S Dale shirt…. It is comfortable, it is stylish and not at all restrictive.

LOL. This Tory Burch lettuce tea pot is… actually really covetable. And fun.

Leave on vacation like a boss and get all of these items done before you go.

I bought this Zojirushi stainless steel mug for my hot tea and just as a water bottle for work and I love it.

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