Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where penis facials are a thing. Not X-rated.

We women will put freakin’ anything on our face for beauty. Have you heard of this penis facial Cate Blanchett is all into? WTF…

FINALLY, flip-flop/sandal like sandals that do not look terribly casual. I love the origami red folds… I also like these flat, wooden pink ones.

Parenting in the Philippines. I LOVE these kinds of posts.. I love hearing and reading about different cultures and their opinions on how to raise children. What I also love the most is that these kids are adopting that culture as their own, and being raised without any pre-conceived norms. It is fascinating to see it through the eyes of others. I’d love to do something similar to Little Bun, truth be told.

Are we still spending $500-ish on a sunhat? … For me, I LIVE in my raffia Panama sunhat.

The real value of $100 in your home state. We don’t even deal in 20s now. It’s $100 bills.

I love the twisted look of this long single wrap skinny belt but definitely not the price. I have to figure out how to replicate this.

This is how you quit your job & travel the world….. if that is your dream of course.

I am still, STILL searching for the perfect garnet-meets-dragon-blood red summer dress, and this one looks like the shape is up my alley.

Don’t want kids? You do you boo, or so says The Economist but in much nicer, more intelligent words of course. And just because you don’t want kids, remember that single people need money too…. I guess that’s one advantage I get with people knowing I have a family to pay for.

I DO NOT KNOW why I still gravitate towards white sundresses (I have many), but this one looks so PRETTY with its lace all over, and yet a peekaboo look at the legs without being a mini dress. It also comes in many colours — red, sage.. pretty.

I sort of can’t believe there is an article out there on how to wash your own clothes while traveling. :-\ I feel like it is just handwashing clothes, and then hanging them up.. Done. Also, don’t pack stuff that you CAN’T hand wash lightly and call it a day. So no wools, cashmeres, dryclean only items.

Just give me a reason to buy and wear this stunning floral cocktail dress. I dare you.


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