Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where plastic surgery is bananas

I loved reading this plastic surgeon’s account of how crazy his job can get.

I have this white wrap linen skirt and I wear it TO DEATH. Just with a plain charcoal grey tank top, a nice necklace.. and it’s done. Very versatile.

Feel like a failure or a fraud? This is how you can build up your confidence

Love this necklace that is all glitz and glamour & gold without being overt or too statement-y…

I am so dumb. Why have I not thought about SAVOURY oatmeal recipes or oatmeal in general for breakfast at work?

Oh.. and this magenta sweater is thick and gorgeous. I would.. buy it for this coming autumn (yes I am looking that far ahead) if I didn’t already own this High Street (Banana Republic) copy of it…and I obviously cannot help myself because I WANT THIS ONE TOO.

This was a really thoughtful post about getting help in the home. As you all know I do not have any from family nor paid. It is… effing…gat dang… TOUGH. We make it work though, at least we have two of us handling one child.

A wrap effect knit skirt? Wow. This is perfect for work especially in chilly A/C environments without being too warm.

I get ghosted all the time… for playdates with other parents that is 🙂 This is what to do if getting ghosted affects your love life.

Pretty, pretty… PRETTY… a nice ombré magenta and clear necklace.

I am a Millennial (apparently) but also too freakin’ OCD to NOT open every important looking envelope that comes my way, so this account of people just tossing mail without opening it makes me twitch.

The cutouts on the shoulders on these ivory sweater is stylish and not vulgar which is very hard with cutouts.

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