Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Taking a look into homes and incomes of families around the world

I was recently given this link by reader Anne called Gap Minder in the comments, and I am obsessed now with looking at what people earn as families (the amounts are PER MONTH) and what they have. How cool is this?

You click on each family and you can see everything in their homes, photographed and categorized.

This short khaki green Banana Republic trench coat is calling my name. It really is.

Getting into the juicy details of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies….and why it works for them.

I LOVE these leopard printed, block-heels from Banana Republic… and these ones look very Chanel-esque!!!!

..or you have parents who help you out a ton, because this married woman gets a $20,000 clothing allowance from her parents. What is funny is that I am reading the article and seeing the sweetness in it; her parents are giving her the credit card to spend on because they KNOW she would not normally spend it on herself if her parents just wrote a cheque for the cash because she’d just save it instead. Envious right now. 🙂

This sheath dress from Ann Taylor looks far more expensive than it really is. Very MM-Lafleur-esque without the pricetag.

Bitcoin, explained.

This necklace is delicate, and crazy pretty from Anthropologie.

Loved this post from Luxe about the 10 must-have fashion items she did NOT buy.

If I had a collection of mugs, I’d add these gorgeous red heart-cut-out shaped ones.


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