Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where your language affects your ability to save money

I loved this Keith Chen Ted talk about how your language could affect your ability to save money. It was fascinating, the way language shapes the way you think about the past, present and future. This is however NO EXCUSE FOR YOU TO NOT SAVE YOUR MONEY just because you speak English 😛

I want to try on this dress but am afraid it is too pyjama like..

With all that has been happening lately with immigration (please don’t go there, I’m already sensitive as-is to what is happening with Little Bun getting extra strong hugs from his Mommy lately), reading how Australia still has some ways to go to accept Chinese people as Australian, was a good read ..and how they still consider themselves to be a “White Nation”.

I bought this Plum lipstick from Revlon on a whim and I am OBSESSED. It’s the perfect shade of deep dark pinky-red without being too purple nor too blue .. just PLUM and stunning.

Would you let your kids make all the rules in your house? These parents did. They’re effing crazy. SUCH a good read for parents. You’d be surprised at some bits like I was. Sometimes kids can be reasonable.

I bought this dress from Banana Republic and can’t stop wearing it. I took the petite in my size, and the length is perfect, just a bit past mid-length, and with slits up on either side. EVERYONE complimented me on it at work. It is perfectly work appropriate, yet sexy, comfortable and very stylish.

GET IT TOGETHER FOLKS. We are recycling INCORRECTLY and it is costing us a lot of money.

Something about summer + linen gets my blood flowing. I want linen everything, and only in white or striped, like this gorgeous button-up, retro-style skirt.

Maybe we need to send some Canadian geese down to take care of business to the U.S./Mexican border. Just a thought.

Speaking of linen, I like this tank top in linen that has an interesting tie on the side.

These.. these 16 kids are freaking making me cry tears of laughter. This is a GOOD quick Buzzfeed read to brighten your day. They are almost all my favourites especially the hotdog and the banana.

I tried this aged, gorgeous Ohsawa soy sauce and nothing else compares. Truly.

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