Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where if I were a Pinterest mother, I’d make these cookies

1. On ‘shrooms

If I were a Pinterest Mommy, these would definitely be made for Christmas. Shortbread mushroom-shaped cookies, with a dark chocolate cap. YUM.

2. Athleisure for the office

This knotted tie waist skirt is both comfortable looking and chic. Could wear it at home or at the office, and frankly, as we are all working from home these days, it’s the perfect transition piece.

3. In the trenches

One beige trench coat, styled in 4 ways by my lovely friend Vee.

4. Pearly white

I haven’t seen such a pretty ring in a while. Looks like a crown. And it has a pretty pearl inside of it. Kind of my two jewellery loves at the moment, amongst others.

5. Well thymed

I am so happy that reader A told me about creeping red thyme as a grass alternative. Anything to ward off mosquitos, smell lemony, not need to have me mow it every month or so, and to look BEAUTIFUL.

Grass was originally grown by aristocrats to show they were not farmers – basically a status symbol thing, as they didn’t have to grow food on their lawns and it takes a lot of water to grow something we don’t even really use – and to this day, it remains a status symbol which I find ridiculous. My home won’t have this. I’ll grow food everywhere and red creeping thyme as grass.

Just avoid woolly thyme as it is an invasive species.

6. These boots were made for walkin’

These are fantastic boots. They’re heeled, beautiful, and the PERFECT AUTUMN BOOT. I love the buckle in the front, the heel, the chic colour. They would be the perfect match to this tie neck sweater dress.

7. Tricks are for kids

These photographer’s tricks with simple everyday objects and his phone are incredible. If I had the inclination to make artsier shots, I’d follow a few of them.

8. Sliding away

What do we think about these rainbow slides? I am sort of coming on board now, like a more chic version of flip flops.

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