Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Closet Organization and Ideas Galore

1. In the closet

Rachel Parcell’s closet.. is stunning. I have been on a closet bender lately on Pinterest and this one I like particularly because it’s just so well done even though I find it a little too pink + girly for my taste, that’s minor compared to the style / organization ideas. This particular closet – I love the backing on the bookcase, the very neat drawers (clearly not Ikea), the glass top to make it look like a store… all the tiny little vignette displays everywhere of the purse, book and jewellery, which are perfect.

2. Cooked

My parents’ rice cooker finally died after 20 years, and so I went online to hunt for a new one to deliver to them, and found another from the same, and THE BEST rice cooker brand in the world – Zojirushi – and it is not only sleek, it works great. (Mama is very happy). She can steam, and do lots of other dishes in here other than just cooking rice.

3. Upcycled

I am down a rabbit hole of recycled, upcycled items, and these are two I think look stylish and not ‘homemade’, which is always the downfall of these projects: Lace/Crochet Tee Sides & Button-Down Men’s Shirt into a Bomber Jacket


Am I stupid for wanting this little panda bear to appear in the middle of my mug while I am drinking my tea? This is such a CUTE CUP.

5. Scientist

Ever wonder how the word ‘scientist’ was coined? It was because of this woman, Mary Somerville.

6. Romi Love

I have fallen down a rabbit hole. This gorgeous cognac brown satchel bag, seems like the perfect mix of trendy, chic, and timeless, and is from an independent designer.

7. Les trésors (the treasures)

I love watching documentaries on how haute couture (or high fashion) is created, and these people are truly artisans, and wonderful at their work. It’s all in French, but you can also just watch the video…

8. Tulipped

The perfect draped tuliped skirt, just like the MM Lafleur Lenox ones but from an independent label and in a heavenly kind of heather olive grey.

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