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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The highest forms of wealth – the richer you get, the “poorer” you are


I was watching the documentary – The Queen of Versailles – and then stumbled across an article a friend sent me a long time ago: The Highest Forms of Wealth. After reading it, it sort of summarized how I felt about the film. They had so much money but it was never enough. It wasn’t enough for a 20,000 square foot home, they were “bursting out at the seams”, they needed a 90,000 square foot home. It just never ever stopped. At some point, there is enough money, and I feel like with wealth, unlike with hunger, there is no satiation point where people finally feel full, or that they have had enough.

I am sure this is just one family in many, who are ultra rich (or at least seemed like it), in a sea of others who have a great relationship with their parents / kids / family, and enjoy their money without feeling like it is never enough, but it does underscore just how much money seems to permeate in our lives and take over our mental wellbeing and thoughts to the point of pure unhappiness.


I finally got on board and purchased a portable speaker. Sometimes, I want to listen to things but not necessarily with headphones, and the audio output on my phone sucks. Enter: JBL Portable Bluetooth speakers! So far, so good.


As someone who was indeed bullied as a child, reading this article – I tracked down the girls who bullied me – is an interesting exercise in.. well.. exercising your demons. She decided for this article, to track down all of her former bullies and to ask them why they did what they did. It’s a good read. I won’t be doing this (who has the time and energy for this), and at this point, there’s nothing that they can say to take back what they did because it’s clear they were so unhappy with themselves that they felt the need to lash out at others.


Okay pardon the pun. But I just discovered the Mekhala brand of organic curry pastes, and I am amazed. They are INCREDIBLE. They are so good, I have gotten my partner and Little Bun on board, and they are going through this paste like candy. The yellow one is the mildest, and the most turmeric-like. Little Bun prefers the green one for its slightly sour, basilic-lime taste, and I love the red curry the best because I can taste hints of some sort of creaminess in the background with the savouriness of the paste. Highly recommended.


I absolutely loved looking behind the scenes of the set decor of one of the best films ever madeCrazy Rich Asians – it’s truly a feast for the eyes, from the detail to the understanding of each piece and what went into it. I wish I could actually go there and inspect everything, and soak in all the colours and detail (all inspiration for future home decorating, although I doubt I will go quite that far)…


So… I have found that the fabrics I reach for have really change during these past few years of being at home. I won’t stand for stiff, structure fabrics, and so now I am looking at thicker knits and comfortable sorts of items, like this white pencil skirt by Pinko. Cute gold buttons down the front, thick white knit, and definitely comfortable and stretchy. Not restrictive.


This traffic controller in Sydney, pulls in almost $12,000 a month. She holds a traffic redirection sign, and that’s what she makes. It’s the reason why I say to never judge anyone by the job they do, and just out of being a generally good human, BE NICE TO EVERYONE YOU MEET. Treating people like crap because you feel superior that you’re not the one out there holding a sign, ergo you think she makes less money, ergo you should treat her badly, is simply nonsense.

Also, the comments are pretty terrible on this post. You may think it’s an easy job but it has weather conditions to consider, and a risk just being a lone human standing in a sea of traffic. Not only that, this isn’t what she makes as she can’t work full-time, I’d wager.


FINALLY. I have been looking for a houndstooth printed top for such a long time to wear as something underneath, and this houndstooth refined print in a camisole is stunning, classic, and exactly what I wanted.


  • SarahN

    My work engages/interacts with traffic controllers in Sydney. I won’t speak to pay, cause to me, it pays what it pays!? It’s boring, imo, the role. And there is risk. And the best ones need to be hyper observant and responsive to changing conditions on the work site. Sure, other industries should pay more (nurses for example)

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